Version 7

    So if any of you want to use NPM to see the status of your Cisco UCS disk drives, there is a way to do it.  This will show you the drive location, the drive size, the drive status and the Reason for fault (if there is one).  It will also show if there is not a drive in a particular blade.  Here is a custom poller that you can import into NPM via the server Orion Universal Device Poller tool.  Do these steps:


    1.  Import the attached file into NPM via the server Orion Universal Device Poller tool.

    2.  Click Assign Pollers and assign UCS Pollers to all UCS devices (only select the UCS devices).

    3.  Then go to your website Node Details page, or whatever page you want the chart on, and add a Tabular Universal Device Poller Resource.

    4.  Once it is added to the page, click Select a poller in the resource.

    5.  Name the title UCS Disk Drives.

    6.  Select the checkboxes for all UCSDiskDrive pollers except for UCSDiskDriveLocation

    7.  Under Select the poller from which labels are taken: select UCSDiskDriveLocation

    8.  Click SUBMIT

    9.  Go repoll all of your UCS devices.

    10.  Go back to the page and check the chart.


    Let me know if you how this works for you.  I am getting the status of all my B series blade drives with this.  Please rate it if you like it.