Version 1

    This template returns the size of the files on the target computer.


    Prerequisites: SSH and Perl installed on the target server.

    Credentials: Root user on the target server.

    Monitored Components

    Linux-Unix File Size

    This monitor returns the size of specific file or files in kB.

    Note: Before using this monitor, the correct arguments should be set. This monitor requires the following arguments:

    perl ${SCRIPT}
    path_to_file1 [path_to_file2] ...
    This is full path to the target file or files. Regular expressions are allowed.

    [path_to_file2] ...


    Additional arguments allow the monitor to get statistics for additional target files. The resulting statistic will be shown as the total size of all files of all the arguments.

    Below is an example using the Scripts Arguments field:
    perl ${SCRIPT}  /tmp/prod*.log
    perl ${SCRIPT}  /tmp/prod*.log /tmp/prod*.err /var/log/status*


    Last updated 12/2/2014