Version 1

    This template returns the size of the specified directory on the target computer.

    Prerequisites: SSH and Perl installed on the target server.

    Credentials: Root user on target server.

    Monitored Components

    Linux-Unix Directory Size

    This monitor returns the size of a specified directory in kB. This monitor allows you to get the directory size with or without subfolders, depending upon the argument.

    Note: Before using this monitor, the correct arguments should be set. This monitor requires the following arguments:

    perl ${SCRIPT}
      path_to_folder with_subdir
    This is the full path to the target folder. Regular expressions are not allowed.

    Two options exist:

    • Yes: The script will return the size of the folder with subfolders;
    • No: The script will return the size of the folder without subfolders;. This option is not available for HP-UX, Solaris, and AIX systems.

    Following is an example using the Scripts Arguments field:
    perl ${SCRIPT}  /home/user yes

    Last updated 12/2/2014