Version 29

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    You spoke. We listened! Your feedback continues to be invaluable and incredibly important for us. More importantly, it's YOUR input that helps determine what goodies go into the pot. This is what we currently have cooking up for you in our upcoming release:



    • New Import/Export Process - An improved import/export process that will allow you to maintain subnet structures and hierarchy. Whether you're using this tool to upgrade your environment, migrate to another instance, or purely for reporting/auditing purposes, we will simply this task for you!
    • UI Performance Optimizations - Inspired by our fellow Orion Platform Team, we're finally addressing our largest complaint in the last 10 years: user interface performance. We're committed to improving page load performance on your favorite IPAM pages.


    Orion Platform

    • UI Performance Optimizations - Faster and more responsive web UI.
    • Orion Maps Improvements - Faster and easier to build large maps.
    • Support for Azure SQL Managed Instance – Using Azure SQL Managed Instance as the repository for Orion’s SQL database, extending work done in the previous release.



    We hope you're enjoying our previous release. For those of you who haven't upgraded to IPAM 4.9, please take a look at some of the highlights of the release:

    • Customizable IP Request Wizard – Complete with a new approval workflow, customizable form, improved notification chain, and more…
    • Azure SQL database support
    • Support for More Linux® Versions


    Got more ideas for our roadmap? Submit or vote on an existing feature request!