What are we working on for IPAM (Updated on June 23, 2017)

Version 19

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    You spoke. We listened! Your feedback continues to be invaluable and incredibly important for us. More importantly, it's YOUR input that helps determine what goodies go into the pot. Based on your suggestions, this is what we delivered in IPAM 4.5:


    • Extended API Support for IPv4
    • High Availability Support
    • Web-based Alerting and Reporting
    • Updated supported software versions: MS SQL 2016 Support, BIND 9.9+ Support


    As some of you may know, we split this last release so that we could deliver the above features earlier than intended. We hope you enjoy what you're seeing so far. This is what we currently have cooking up for you:


    • VMware vRealize Orchestrator Integration: Want to integrate with your cloud and virtualization deployment? IPAM will automate the process of provisioning/reclaiming IP address and updating DNS records.




    • Extended API support for IPv6


    • Windows Server 2016 Support


    • TLS 1.2 Support


    Got more ideas for our roadmap? Submit or vote on an existing feature request!