Version 30
    The latest release of IP Address Monitor (IPAM) is available on and in your customer portal. See the IPAM 2019.4 Release Notes for a comprehensive look.

    You ask, we listen. Many of the top features being worked on in IPAM are generated through your feedback - specifically your votes in our IPAM Feature Requests forum and your participation in our Feedback Sessions.


    Here's what the IPAM Team is currently working on:


    • UI Design Refresh - refreshing aesthetics and updating the workflows for the DHCP and DNS management pages
    • NTA Integration - automating creation of IP groups by utilizing new subnet structure
    • vRealize Automation Support - critical bug-fixes to improve support for VMware's cloud automation platform


    Here are some pending improvements worth noting on the Orion Platform:

    • UI Performance Optimizations - continuing to address our largest complaint in the last 10 years: user interface performance
    • New Dashboard Framework - next-generation summary dashboard framework
    • Orion Maps - bridging the feature parity gap with Network Atlas



    We actively refine the product roadmap to solve your problems. Participate in Feedback Sessions for THWACK points and personalized input into the future of NPM. You can also submit and vote on IPAM Feature Requests.