Version 2

    The world of technology is constantly expanding to unimaginable sizes. Next-generation gorilla glass devices, voice recognition browsing and DSLR cameras shrunken into a pocket-sized phone - these are all part of today's exciting time of innovations. But if our grandpa had heard we would listen to the radio via a portable gadget, scan our surroundings for a nearby bar, as a guy named Google just about everything and meet with relatives from long distances via Skype, he would've probably laughed a lot. It did seem impossible at that time, yet reality proved differently. Now, the only thing that keeps us away from living the futuristic dream life is piloting a space shutter to work, but we could never know if NASA won't decide to release its own brand in the auto-mobile industry.



    Having the world one click away is an opportunity to view it in a different perspective. While we were introduced to camera phones just a couple of years ago when VGA's were the cherry top on the market, we can now snap-shoot stunning landscapes and record lovely moments with a 41 megapixel camera which is just one of the many features our tiny wonder devices are hiding. In fact, life has never been easier. Getting lost with a smartphone in hand is almost impossible. Solar-powered charger would get your battery though the day. And even if you are out of coverage, your built-in GPS will lead you the way. You could even turn your fireplace on while heading home and learn some new facts about your surroundings while playing quizzes. Smartphones are called smart with a reason. Some of them even respond to different voice queries and have their own names, like Siri, for example. But what happens when our own reality mixes up with the virtual one?




    Are we endangered of becoming a self-consumed nation of tech geeks?


    Aren't we becoming too focused on our virtual reality looking away from our devices only in critical situations? It is a matter of choice. And while some say taking pictures on your road trip saves you the view, but doesn't save you the memories, others's opinion race to the exact opposite direction. Viewing the world through a camera lens is nothing different that taking pictures with your phone and last time we checked, it is still not perceived as technology degradation. Instead, hi-tech gadgets could be a way for us to express our ideas and develop our imagination through the prism of the new-age technology. And while our phone is no good in the kitchen or say the housekeeping chores, it can still provide us with plenty of options when it comes to finding our way through the web to hire a cleaner or learn that special gluten-free recipe.


    For better or worse, we can only try to benefit from the amazing features hi-tech devices offer us and try to make our lives just a bit simpler. But what about you? Are you excited about the technology revolution which is slowly expanding and making its own way into our lives?