Version 1

    Custom device poller to provide CPU & Memory polling for select Juniper Pulse (Neoteris) units.  Juniper acquired Neoteris, Inc. and while SolarWinds now has native support for Juniper devices, depending on your actual hardware and/or software version, Orion/NPM may not pickup the information (you'll still likely see Neoteris show up as the MachineType).


    If you aren't getting CPU & Memory natively, you may find you're able to get it by switching to this poller. (Least that was the case in my environment - some devices worked with the native, others didn't, until I created this one.)


    Note:  After importing, you may want to set this poller to Off for automatic scanning and let the SolarWinds native poller try first.  Following that, you will need to manually select this poller for applicable nodes that aren't returning any information of course, which can be done from a Node's "List Resources" (or you can switch the behavior in "Manage Pollers" as well).


    This can be imported into the Device Studio under "Manage Pollers" in NPM 10.7 or higher (poller was created under 11.0).