Version 1

    This template uses the mysqladmin command via SSH to get roughly the same information as the one provided by the out of the box template that queries the INFORMATION_SCHEMA via ODBC.


    Notes on this template

    - This template is meant to be used for MySQL v5.0,x running on Linux, although it will work fine for later versions as well. MySQL introduced INFORMATION_SCHEMA in v5.1.x

    -  Each component is an Unix/Linux SSH component monitor and executes a mysqladmin command via SSH. Hence, the credentials assigned to the component monitor are the credentials to the Linux server (NOT the MySQL server)

    -  The MySQL user and password are passed as Script arguments (see notes on Template risk below)

    - (At the time of uploading this template, compared to the out of the box template) This template leverages the 'Count Statistic as Difference' option for many of the component monitors to automatically compute the difference between 'polls'.  This should come in handy to set thresholds as well as to leverage baselines+dynamic thresholds.

    - Compared to the out of the box template, the following components are not gathered as I didn't find an equivalent in the mysqladmin extendedstatus output

                   1. Total Memory Used (MB)

                   2. Opened Table Definitions

                   3. Opened Files

                   4. Thread Cache Size


    Template risk

    - The database username and password are passed as arguments, and hence visible to any SAM user with ability to edit SAM templates. One way to get around it is to create a Linux user with identical name and password as a database user, in which case the Script Argument field of the template can be modified as


    sh ${SCRIPT} ${USER} ${PASSWORD}


    to leverage the same user name and password as the SSH credential assigned to the component.