Version 2

    We know many of you have both IPAM and UDT products and thus I'm glad to announce even better integration of these two products. The connecting point is IP Address conflict detection. For successful troubleshooting of IP Address conflict, you need two things:

    1) detect MAC addresses and type of devices in a conflict (static, DHCP, overlaping scopes)

    2) understand how are devices physically connected (who connected first, is it WiFi or Ethernet connection, what's the port).


    IPAM and UDT have all the information you need to understand who is the origin user of IP address and who is causing the conflict. Plus, you can shut down port from web console if needed.


    Here is how you may try our beta functionality and give us your feedback:

    1) button(2).png

    2) Instal IPAM & UDT bundle on NON production environment (can be a virtual machine either)

    3) Let IPAM to scan your network and detect conflict.

    4) If conflict(s) was detected you may see new visuals on IPAM Summary page:



    5) Click on IP Address and it find the details about history of IP address connections and ports:



    In a case you have installed IPAM without UDT, you will see new UI without port information.


    If you do not see information you need, something is missing or conflict is not detected as expected, please, let us know via this forum. Thanks again for your help with this beta.