Version 5

    This monitor uses a combination sftp file upload and file last modify monitor. Using psftp.exe, the PowerShell script uploads a test file to the SFTP server where it can be monitored for last modify date. If the file cannot be uploaded to the server, the file last modify monitor will alert based on aging criteria.


    The script will need psftp.exe on each polling engine, and currently uses the following directorys:


    C:\PUTTY - this is where psftp.exe goes.

    C:\PUTTY\Scripts - this is where the sample file goes. Name this file SFTP_Monitor.exe.


    The script will use the built in credentials assigned for the monitor to make the connection, but you can also place a Credentials.csv file in the C:\PUTTY\Scripts directory, or hard code the credentials in the script.


    I'm aware that the error handling in the UX monitor is a little quirky, however I'm counting primarily on the file last modify date to alert me of issues with the FTP server.


    (2015, 07 14) Uploaded a new powershell script that is slightly improved from the original monitor.