Version 6

    As always, here comes a list of items we are working for the future of VNQM. We are listening and your comments will be more than welcomed.


    1. Support for SIP Trunk utilization troubleshooting and SIP protocol connectivity troubleshooting. Support for SIP and H.323 Trunk utilization monitoring Gateway / trunk Combined utilization view and alerting.
    2. End-To-End visualization of network map between two phones and connected ports & switches on a call route.
    3. Updating visuals - more attractive charts (zoom-in) + Web Based Report for VNQM , Export report from VoIP search page
    4. More out of the box reports with capacity trending. advanced VNQM reports
    5. Support for MS SQL 2014
    6. Performance improvements and more CDR data retention period (more than 1 month of the data in DB)
    7. Support for Cisco IO 15.x, ISR for IPSLA Support for IOS 15.3 on ASR
    8. Monitor PRI Utilization by Call Count Instead of % Utilization