Version 2

    This set of UnDPs use the UCD-DISKIO-MIB, and has been tested against a Suse Linux 64 bit machine, but *should* work for other flavors of Linux as well.


    There is a poller for each of the highlighted OIDs above, and uses the diskIODevice OID (disk name) as the label.



    There should really be no need to use the pollers based on OID diskIONRead (poller names diskIOReadBytes32bit and diskReadMBps32bit) and on OID diskIONWrite (poller names diskIOWriteBytes32bit and diskWriteMBps32bit) as these OIDs use 32 bit SNMP counters. You should be able to use the pollers diskIOBytesRead, diskIOBytesWritten,  diskReadMBps (or diskReadKBps), diskWriteMBps (or diskWriteKBps) that are based on SNMP Counter64 OIDs diskIONReadX and diskIONWriteX.


    The Transforms assume that the data is being polled at the default node statistics frequency.  If you choose to provide a different polling interval for the custom pollers, then the formula would be incorrect and would need to be adjusted accordingly. There isn't a way to reference the poller's polling interval as a variable just like how the default node statistics frequency is referenced in the formula using ${Nodes.StatCollection}



    Some sample screenshots below (very little activity on this test machine)