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    Today's common complaint is no longer as much about a total failure of a component as it is about sluggishness. Unfortunately many development teams lack visibility when it comes to the relationship between SQL text and production DBMS performance. Ignite is a self-empowerment tool for developers, giving them the ability of being able to see the relationship between SQL text and query performance in both test and production.


    Tabs filter results based on programs, users, machines, and sessions


    • Add developers as users in Ignite
    • Monitor production servers
      • Set appropriate levels of permission for development on production instances
      • Focus attention the top SQL problems and trends
    • Monitor QA and test servers
      • Focus on current view for active tests
      • Focus on historical trends when running automated tests
      • Use alarms and alerts to identify anomalies
      • Use historical baselines for contrast
    • Develop for test-ability
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