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    Be Proactive


    Being proactive provides added assurance that performance slowdowns are detected before they become critical issues. Proactive action frequently results in praise due to faster application response, which is a drastic improvement to the criticism that DBAs receive when database wait time reaches critical proportions.

    • Identifying and document the top 5 hot spots within all instances
    • Configure Contact Groups to simplify the distribution of Reports and Alerts
    • Use email text messages for critical Alerts delivery 24/7
    • Configure Alert Groups to include important alerts, and associated database instances
    • Make sure the level of Alerts is appropriate for the individuals receiving the Alerts
    • Create Reports on key aspects of performance for your business
    • Train people on how to read the Reports
    • Schedule automated delivery of strategic Reports

    Note: Use an opt-in strategy so automated emails are not perceived as spam or ignored

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