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    Prepare for a Crisis prepare-for-crisis.JPG


    Problems are inevitable. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (formerly Confio Ignite) provides you with many tools to insure a rapid resolution to unexpected performance issues. Being able to quickly prove or disprove that the problem resided in database instance minimizes your time to resolution.



        1. Start with the main dashboard
        2. Look for instances with red bars and close.jpg and red bars
          The red bars indicate an increase in wait time, bar segments provides a comparative baseline between instances
        3. Drill into the instance to determine when the issues is occurring
        4. Current issue
          • Click on the Current View
          • Look at real-time sessions (active & blocked)
          • Focus on any resources with close.jpg

            Note: Resource thresholds control when the close.jpgappear, to modify these limits just drill into a resource and click on settings.
        5. Historical issue
          • Click on the Trend view
          • Drill into the problematic time period
          • Look for anomalies
          • Look at the Advisers tab
          • Investigate the Resource Tab looking for correlations between resource spikes and high levels of wait time.
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