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    Maximize Collaboration


    Now that there are a few success stories on how SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (formerly Confio Ignite) has already delivered results within your organization, it is time to expose Ignite to a wide audience. The common vocabulary established by Database Performance Analyzer is extremely effective in minimizing finger pointing by delivering high visibility on database performance throughout your organization.


    dpa-on-tv.jpgDatabase Performance Analyzer is web browser based client and automatic report/alert delivery provide a conduit for collaboration. In addition, Database Performance Analyzer's email chart capability extends the use cases for Database Performance Analyzer to include outside vendors, allowing you to hold third party application vendors accountable for performance.


    To maximize success you will need to maximize collaboration by providing read only Database Performance Analyzer access to a wide range of people.



    • Add additional users to Database Performance Analyzer
    • Conduct short Database Performance Analyzer training sessions
    • Feature Database Performance Analyzer at weekly status meetings and web conferencing sessions
    • Set up an Information Radiator (see the image above for an example)
    • Email charts to aid in discussions and encourage direct Database Performance Analyzer access
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