Version 2

    This is the update for the customization I posted 6 years ago.

    This works with Orion V10.x and 11.x as it does not require modification of any Orion NPM web resource files.

    I instead used the miscellaneous "User Links" resource to display the links to the data on the node details page.

    The downside to this is if there is no text file in the directory, clicking the link will return a HTTP 404 error message.

    Once an alert has been triggered for the node and data is written to the directory, clicking the link will show the text file results.


    The benefit to this type of Automated Network Troubleshooting is it works for all nodes monitored by Orion (not just IPSLA nodes). It timestamps the data that is written to a text file & appends the data to the same file over and over again for each event, so you have a historical text file saved on the Orion server for each node.

    It does not rely on the Database to store the info, so it can be retrieved or archived at any time.


    As per before, this customization will do a Windows Pathping or Tracert to a node when it exceeds a packet loss or latency threshold and make this information viewable by adding links to your Node-details page. I have also added a 100 packet ping script for high latency alerts.
    When the alert is reset, it records a timestamped trace route to the node as well, so  you can confirm all is OK.
    This trace route can also be compared to the pathping route the next time the node alarms, to see if the network route has changed since the last alert reset.

    The idea is to view any hops in the network between your Orion server and node, which show packet loss or increased latency.
    The windows Pathping command sends 100 packets to each hop along the path, so it is a little more accurate than just a simple traceroute.

    The install instructions are included in the file.


    Please make sure to read the disclaimer notes, as this customization could impact your Orion NPM server's performance under certain conditions

    I wrote the instructions using Wordpad, so they can be opened on your server without having MS Word installed. (189.7 KB) Download