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    Assemble the Team


    People are the key to any software deployment initiative. By recruiting a champion to lead the deployment, and recruiting early supporters throughout your organization, the adoption of SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (formerly Confio Ignite) is accelerated.
    Database Performance Analyzer Champion: Having someone with authority and responsibility to lead the deployment is a critical component of any successful software deployment. This person will be responsible for configuring Database Performance Analyzer, conducting training, and most importantly serving as the Ignite expert within your organization.
    Start-up Team: Seek out a few people from each department and explain the advantages that Database Performance Analyzer will be delivering. The purpose of these interviews is to both identify their top performance concerns, and identify proponents that can help you with the Database Performance Analyzer deployment. Do not forget to interview a wide range of individuals including: managers, developers, DBAs, application owners, architects, the BI group, system and VMware admins. By including a wide range of people you will be provided with a balanced perspective on the importance of database performance throughout your company.



    • Identify an Database Performance Analyzer champion
    • Recruit your early adopters from other departments
    • Discuss and list top performance concerns
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