Version 1

    It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Service Release for Storage Manager 5.7 is now available!  This release will take your Storage Manager software from version 5.7.1 ► 5.7.2.  It encompasses all previous hot fixes & releases.


    This update for Storage Manager is now available in your Customer Portal for all customers on Active Maintenance.  Several fixes were addressed in this release including:

    • EMC VMAX & EMC VNX Reporting
    • IBM SVC Data Collection & Reporting
    • NetApp Reporting & Remote Share Assignment
    • VMware Version Collection Information
    • File Analysis Reporting
    • ...and many more!


    Please refer to the Online Release Notes for more details and important information on upgrading to this version.


    As always, take advantage of the resources available on Thwack!  Bookmark the Product Forum for Storage Manager and vote on or add your own Feature Requests so that we can continue to improve Storage Manager!