Version 1



    I extend the NCM-Template (DISA STIG - Access Switchport Baseline.ncm-template)  from CourtesyIT.with following commands:


    switchport nonegotiate

    switchport block multicast

    !(blocks inbound unknown multicast)

    switchport port-security aging time 10

    switchport port-security aging type inactivity

    !(through my experience These coif you Need more security delete these lines )

    storm-control broadcast level pps 50

    storm-control multicast level bps 100k

    storm-control action shutdown

    storm-control action trap

    !(that a cisco default values)

    spannig-tree bpduguard enable

    !(shuts the ports if stp bpdu's are received from the client)


    I hope ou like it.


    Kind regards,