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    The attached file is an Active Directory Group Policy that will apply and enforce SNMP settings on Windows computers. The GPO will override any existing settings, so your assured consistency for your Windows Servers and enforces the Agent, Traps, and Security tabs of the SNMP Service. Althought I found the free SNMP Enabler from SolarWinds to be a good tool for applying settings, it didn't override existing settings. By using a GPO, settings are automatically configured for new computers as they are added to the domain.


    Group Policies

    Keep the following in mind for Active Directory Group Policies:


    • By default, AD GPOs are updated every 180 minutes
    • AD Sites will take longer to replicate and apply
    • Policies are applied during a computer reboot
    • Run "GPUPDATE /FORCE" to immediately refresh a policy
    • This policy does not install the SNMP Service


    Using this Group Policy

    1. Extract the zip file into the default folder SNMP-GPO
    2. Create a new Active Directory Group Policy (example): "Solarwinds SNMP Policy"
    3. Right click on the GPO and select Import Settings
      1. Backup location: Select the SNMP-GPO folder
      2. Select the Group Policy from the list of backed up GPOs displayed
      3. Finish the wizard

    Modify the GPO settings appropriate to your network, such as SNMP Community name and IP Address or Host Name, noting the Key Path needs to be modified in some settings, not just the value.


    Settings for this GPO are located under:

    • Computer Configuration / Policies / Administrative Templates / Network / SNMP
    • Computer Configuration / Preferences / Registry (note the order of these entries are important)


    If the GPO is applied at the Site Level, a unique Agent Location can be supplied for the site.


    Hope this makes your life easier, and please take a moment to rate this download and any feedback you may have, the attachment is new.


    Mark Tellier