Version 2

    Dear UDT users,

    After some serious development power invested into improvements of User Device Tracker, I'm happy to announce we are finishing bits of v3.1 code which will be sent out to all eligible customer completing Beta participation survey.


    The major area of focus in 3.1 is scalability and performance improvements in UDT's port discovery process, which should now run as twice as fast and allow more switches/routers to be scanned for endpoints at once. This enhancement was achieved by moving the port discovery part of UDT to Network Sonar which you may know from discovery of NPM interfaces/nodes...Also, there was a couple of buddy drops developed with a help from our MVPs which are included and which should speed up your UDT/Orion environment.


    Once you install UDT 3.1, you will notice there was a Vendor name added to majority of resources where Mac Address is mentioned.


    Vendor pie-chart now allows you to get a nice summary of your network from vendor perspective. Once clicked on a specific vendor you can get to search results showing all associated endpoints and their MACs. You can also search directly for a specific vendor in the search field and also get the whole Vendor report when clicking on "more" in the pie chart.


    For those trying to be compliant with no un-approved devices connected, there is a new "Alert me when new vendor appears on a network" alert. This way you can easily spot if it's a Nintendo, home D-Link wifi router, or any kind of exotic device which just connected so you can quickly take an appropriate action - to shut down the switchport if the home router connected, or to join the match if it's the Nintendo... As you can see below, vendor name was also added to the alert resource for a faster recognition of threats caused by these unknown devices.

    active alerts.png

    Due to increasing WIFI market share of Motorola and Ruckus, UDT 3.1 will natively support these wireless vendors.

    To enjoy these improvements, complete this Beta survey and bits will be sent to you as soon as will be ready. Naturally, all active participants of the Beta program are eligible for thwack points award and respective thwack badge.


    Thanks for your attention and looking forward your feedback!

    Peter Ksenzsigh

    Product Manager