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    i have nearly solved the problem to display all policy violation in a resource. How it is possible wished in the idea:


    Unfortunately it isn't really nice but you get all the information you want to see (just like me).


    For a simple summary overview you have to add the resource "custom swis query":


    edit this resource and paste following sql-statement into the field: SELECT pr.Name, rv.Info, rv.Warning, rv.Error FROM Cirrus.PolicyReportViolations rv, Cirrus.PolicyReports pr where rv.ReportID=pr.PolicyReportID and rv.TimeStamp > GETDATE()-1


    (perhaps you want to expand it with that: and pr.Granuality!="Weekly"


    You can choose the rows that have to be displayed with a simple counter at the bottom of the query field.


    If you are done with it then you get something like that:


    Name          Info     Warn     Crit

    report1          1          2          1

    report2          2          0          9

    and so on


    But the report-names are not a link (href) to the specific compliance policy. Sorry it is only a table but you can sort it.

    If you want links to the specific compliance policies you have to use a resource called "custom html" and in this you can only use javascript to initialize a database connect.

    If there is an other way please tell me. 

    For myself I only use a "custom query" to display the policy violation summary and below that resource a add an other resource "custom html" and pasted manually all links to the compliance policies.


    For further question do not hesitate and ask me.


    Kind regards,