Instructions for finding the WOINST Value in various browsers

Version 3


    Instructions for Capturing the WOINST in Various Browsers


    Note: It is critical that the woinst value be captured at the exact time of an error or suspected system malfunction

    Chrome:                Locating the Web Object Instance “WOINST” value


    1. Place cursor in a non-active location on the Chrome browser page and right click
    2. Select and click: “Inspect Element”
    3. In the area that appears at the bottom of the screen, select and click “Resources” from the top command bar
    4. Select and expand “Cookies” from the left hand column and select the appropriate address
    5. The woinst will be displayed and the value will be to the immediate right in the “Value” column. This is what we need to isolate your logs.


    Firefox:  Locating the Web Object Instance “WOINST” value


    1. At the bottom of the browser page, click “Settings” >options>privacy tab>
    2. Click the “Remove Individual Cookies link
    3. Navigate to the web help desk cookie
    4. Click on the woinst (cookie name) and look at the bottom

    IE:  Locating the Web Object Instance “WOINST” value


    1. First click F12 to open the developer tools
    2. Then click the network button on the left
    3. If you see a green pointer Then click it to enable network traffic capturing
    4. Then click refresh on the IE page
    5. Then click “Details” and then “Cookies” See the woinst value

       If you have a blank screen, then click refresh on the IE page again