Version 2

    Kiwi Syslog v9.4.1 – HotFix1


    This HotFix addresses the following error on Windows 2012 Systems:

    "Kiwi Syslog Service is unable to restart on Windows 2012 system. A System reboot is required to start the service".


    You do not need to install this HotFix if you are not experiencing this issue.

    This fix requires SolarWinds Kiwi Syslog Server 9.4.1.



    1. Log on as an administrator to the System.
    2. Open Kiwi Syslog Manager and take a backup of the settings by using export settings option (File->Export settings to INI file)
    3. Stop Kiwi Syslog Service through services.msc (Run->Services.msc)
    4. Close Kiwi Syslog Server Console.
    5. Delete Syslogd_Service.exe and Syslogd_Manager.exe from application folder*.
    6. Unzip the hotfix zip file to KSS application folder*.
    7. Open file Hotfix_KSS.bat from application folder* using notepad.
    8. Set 'Var' variable to "KSS application folder*\Syslogd_Service.exe" [2nd line: set var= "C:\Program Files (x86)\Syslogd\Syslogd_Service.exe"], if the application folder is different.
    9. Save the Hotfix_KSS.bat file and then run the bat file (Double click on the file)
    10. Start Kiwi Syslog Service through services.msc
    11. DONE


    *for 64-bit "C:\Program Files (x86)\Syslogd"; for 32-bit "C:\Program Files\Syslogd"


    To uninstall this HotFix:

    1. Log on as an administrator to the System.
    2. Uninstall Kiwi Syslog Server installed from control panel.