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    Hi All,


    This is an independent solution for monitoring MSMQs on SolarWinds application server itself. If for some reason those queues are growing - it most probably means that app server cannot update database. This is also potentially an indication (as it was in my case) that SolarWinds is not sending out any alerts... including those about high MSMQs if you have any... catch-22


    Same problem has been described here and here


    Clearly, we need an independent monitor to report on MSMQs on SolarWinds server itself



    OK, here is what you can do:



    Create scheduled task on SolarWinds app server and set it to run every XX minutes (15 for example)



    Trigger attached script with the following parameters:


    msmqmon.vbs server_name queue_name threshold_messages_count



    msmqmon.vbs your-solarwinds-server core.node.responsetimestatus.icmp 100



    * Script will check the number of messages in core.node.responsetimestatus.icmp MSMQ on SolarWionds serevr. If it has more than 100 messages queued - you will receive an email alert. (I hear you are asking "Why this particular queue?" ANSWER: when I had my SAM crashed this morning - this queue had the most number of massages, 72k+)

    ** Generally, there is nothing too fancy here - a simple VBScript to send standard CDO.Message email via remote server.

    *** You only need to modify script lines 42-44 for it to work. The rest is up to you