Version 1

    Found that some Exinda devices will not allow you to turn off paging completely.  The best you can do is set the paging to 999 lines, but if you have a config at 1000 lines or more NCM will not back it up correctly.  Using this template, please set your device transfer protocol to TFTP, this template should permit the transfer the config using this method (at least for running, did not test this for "saved" config type)


    <!--SolarWinds Network Management Tools-->

    <!--NCM device template for Exinda devices that support TFTP, please set the transfer protocol to use TFTP and not telnet/ssh/scp-->

    <Configuration-Management Device="Exinda TFTP" SystemOID="">


            <Command Name="RESET" Value="terminal length 999${CRLF}config t${CRLF}"/>

            <Command Name="EnterConfigMode" Value="config terminal"/>

            <Command Name="ExitConfigMode" Value="exit"/>

            <Command Name="Startup" Value="saved"/>

            <Command Name="Running" Value="running"/>

            <Command Name="DownloadConfig" Value="show ${ConfigType}"/>

            <Command Name="UploadConfig" Value="${EnterConfigMode}${CRLF}${ConfigText}${CRLF}${ExitConfigMode}"/>

            <Command Name="DownloadConfigIndirect" Value="configuration text generate active ${ConfigType} upload ${TransferProtocol}://${StorageAddress}/${StorageFilename}"/>

            <Command Name="SaveConfig" Value="write memory"/>

            <Command Name="Version" Value="show version"/>