Version 4

    Since hardware health monitoring was introduced in SAM, a lot of users have had to choose between WMI and SNMP for monitoring Dell servers due to a simple reason that the disk and storage controller health status is only exposed in SNMP but WMI is clearly the preferred protocol for Windows monitoring. Not anymore with this template. You can add your Dell servers as a WMI node in Orion, and monitor the storage health via SNMP! A couple of things to note


    - This relies on a 3rd party software called NetCmdlets from /n software ( and is not free. However, it is very inexpensive.

    - NetCmdlets software must be installed on the SAM server and any Additional Polling Engine that need to use this template

    - The template only works with SNMP v2 and the community string must be passed as a Script Argument

    - NetCmdlets itself does support SNMP v3, but I am assuming its a non-issue since Windows doesn't support SNMP v3 anyway

    - Thresholds have been defined to set warning and critical status


    Huge thanks to micheal100 for putting together bulk of the script. The end-result looks like the belowDell HH SNMP.PNG


    UPDATE: antonis.athanasiou has come up with a version that is based on a free SNMP plugin hereDell Server - Storage Hardware Health v1.2