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    Dear All Thwack Members,

    It is my pleasure to present you with this elegant template to help you out with monitoring free disk space across all your windows servers. As a matter of fact - 80% of all our incidents are disk space related and I hope this will help you out to handle this part in a simple and very flexible way

    What's in the tin?

    • Monitor all your disks on all servers (requires just 1 SAM license per server)
    • Set global threshold based on Free MBytes AND Free % levels. This works perfectly well for both large (TBytes) disks and small (MBytes) disks
    • Differentiate between warning and critical level
    • Set overrides on a per disk per server level (very granular approach)
    • Exclude disks you do not want monitoring (either completely or setup overrides)
    • Track usage as a graph
    • Have it on your dashboard as a green/yellow/red blob (which is not possible out-of-the-box with SAM volumes)




    Multi stat chart


    Script Arguments:


    Global Statistic:


    Individual Disk Statistic for global overrides (example for "J" drive)






    • If you are short on licenses - this will help you to monitor all disks with just 1 license per server
    • The biggest benefit for me (as my SAM is unlimited and first point is not really applicable) is that I can have it as a group item on  my dashboard. Very handy. Screenshot above
    • Ability to compare against both MBytes and Percentage levels definitely makes it very self-sustained and self-managed template. It just works for every single disk. I only have very few exceptions configured across 700+ volumes
    • When you add a new disk (in virtual world this is quite common) - you have your monitoring automatically enabled for it (without the need to discover new disk in SAM, what I often forget)

    Additional info:

    User description notes (copy-paste from template, for those craving more info):


    This smart script will monitor free space on all fixed local disks on Windows server.


    * Global threshold, which is going to be applied for all disks on a server by default, is based on free percentage AND free bytes (for example, a particular disk has to be less than 5% AND less than 20GB to fire off warning alert). This works perfectly well for large disks measured in TBytes and small disks measured in MBytes

    * You can exclude particular disk on a particular server from being monitored by global threshold and set custom threshold for this disk instead

    * You can differentiate between critical/warning threshold levels.

    >>> For the global threshold - this is achieved by incrementing "Statistic" counter in 100s for any critical breached disk and in 1s for any warning breached disk. (for example: Statistic value 102 means that we have 1 disk breached critical threshold and 2 disks have breached warning. Note, that when disk falls in critical level it will also be in breach of warning level as well. So, value 101 will indicate that 1 disk has fallen into critical level; likewise value 102 will indicate 1 disk critical and 1 disk warning)

    >>> For the custom threshold - you just simply set values in SAM template for warning and for critical level for a particular disk


    How to exclude disk / configure custom threshold:

    When you need to override global threshold for a particular disk - you would first exclude this disk from being monitored by global threshold and second - you would configure separate threshold, which is based on free MBytes value, in SAM template below.

    For example: disk F needs to trigger an alert when it drops below 150GB. In this case you would override script arguments with "${IP} 2 5000 5 20000 A,B,F" and you would set critical threshold to "less than 150000" as a SAM threshold value. You can also set SAM warning threshold as 200000 to be notified in advance


    Limitations (all with very limited impact on usability and flexibility):

    - You can only define custom thresholds for the first 8 disks (C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J). Note, that global threshold will still be applicable for all logical fixed disks, regardless of the quantity (unless you exclude any of them as explained above). In fact - this is very limited limitation as most of the servers will probably not have as many disks and even if they will - it is very rarely when you will need to define custom thresholds anyway - so, probability of this limiting your monitoring abilities is very low

    - When you exclude particular disk - you can only set "MBytes" threshold value (no percentage threshold here). This is also very very limited issue, because at the time when you exclude particular disk - you already know exact size of it and you can work out yourself at what level in MBytes you want an alert to come through.


    Enjoy, comment, like, rate

    To Your Monitoring Success,


    Update: 08/01/2016 - Slightly update script as per comments below to enable it to pick up mount points. Also, improve variable for disks exclusions - you will now need to enclose disk letter in square brackets to exclude it. Example usage is in the script/template itself. Thank you, Alex