Version 1

    We just released Beta 3 of our SolarWinds VNQM for Avaya VoIP monitoring. This build mainly fixes issues we have found thanks to your previous co-operation on beta. Here comes the full list:


    New Features:

    1. 1) MOS score
    2. 2) Latency for each call


    1. 1) Avaya CLI - different characters in prompt
    2. 2) Avaya Date Formatting (DDMM vs. MMDD)
    3. 3) Handle RTCP sender reports
    4. 4) Date handling (start-date v. start-date(4d))
    5. 5) Handling of missing fields for investigation in logs
    6. 6) “xterm” on CLI challenge
    7. 7) IP Address parsing
    8. 8) CDR Listener


    If you want to participate in beta, you should own VNQM and be under active maintenance. Then you need to simply agree with this beta agreement: SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager 4.2 Beta Participation Survey and I'll send you download link. All previous Beta subscribers will receive email with download links from me automatically.


    How to add Avaya call manager? Click on "Add new call manager" button on IPSLA Summary page and our wizard will take you through the process.


    Adding draft of Avaya admin guide - how to start: