Version 3

    This is a template I have created since I have a Ubiquiti EdgeMax router for testing.


    This Change Template will upload the firmware to the EdgeMax device. Once uploaded the device will automatically change the firmware to the newly uploaded file.


    The Script Results will display the uploaded file, the running, and the default-boot firmware files.

    This script will not force a reboot on the system to ensure that you do not accidentally brick your device.


    To gain access to the Ubiquiti EdgeMax routers for configuration downloads, please use the Vyatta- and apply it to C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\NCM\DeviceTypes


    If you need to change the firmware back to the original file before it has been uploaded, please run the command:

    set system image default-boot



    To remove the non-default boot firmware, you can run:

    delete system image