Version 3

    One of the nice features that the Orion Web Console has is the ability to start a Telnet or SSH Session when in the Node Details. The selection is available at the top right of the page just under the Export to PDF. ToolsetIntegration-Bar.png


    While PuTTY has always been my goto SSH application, the putty developers did not add the ability to connect via SSH through ssh://. I did find that one of the forks of putty called KiTTY is able to do both telnet:// and ssh://


    To setup accounts to see the Telnet and SSH buttons at the Top Right of the Node Details page to be able to Telnet and SSH:

    • Go into Settings> Manage Accounts
    • Select the checkbox next to the account(s) and select Edit
    • In the Account Settings, change Allow Browser Integration to Yes and select Submit.


    Downloading KiTTY client:


    Setting up on the Local System to Telnet or SSH with KiTTY:

         In my example registry script, I have placed KiTTY into C:\kitty\ seen as C:\\kitty\\ in the .reg file. You can right click on the KiTTY_Telnet_SSH.reg file and select Edit, and in Notepad use Ctrl+H and replace C:\\kitty\\ with the folder location of the kitty.exe file.

    • Place kitty.exe into C:\kitty so that it will be executed as C:\kitty\kitty.exe
    • Then in order to be able to use Telnet and SSH you will run the attached KiTTY_Telnet_SSH.reg file.
    • You will need to execute this on every system that wants to connect via telnet or ssh when in the Web Console. It will apply to all users that use the system the registry it is applied to.


    I have tested this and it is working successfully in Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, and Server 2012 R2.