Version 3

    This monitor contains a Windows Powershell script that finds out how many instances of a Windows process is running at the same time on a server.

    Tested on SAM pollers running Windows Server 2012 R2 with Powershell v4. This should work with Win2008R2 and Powershell v2 but no promises. Stick with Powershell v4 or newer.


    The Powershell script is very useful and can be duplicated pretty much anywhere else. Here is a direct copy of the Powershell script:


    $remoteserver = '${IP}'

    $processname = 'notepad

    $statistic = (Get-Process $processname -ComputerName $remoteserver).Count

    Write-Host "Statistic: $statistic"



    The alert threshold in SolarWinds is tied to the numeric value in the $statistic variable. You can change the alert threshold values as well as the script as needed.