Version 3

    This is a customization for one of our users and I think it's worth to share with the all of you. The goal was build a report with chart for multiple sources and show at least two resources for IPSLA tests in both direction on one link.

    The customization needs more steps, but I think you will find that useful:


    1. download the report definition file:VNQM_Min_Max_Avg_Jitter.reportdefinition

    2. Copy the file into your Orion install folder: \ProgramFiles\Orion\Configuration\Reports (you can modify the content if you want to change it to something else than ICMP path Jitter data)

    3. Run Orion configuration wizard so report will be visible in Orion web console

    4. In order to show ICMP Jitter charts, modify following after importing the report definition from above:

         a. Select the min/max/avg Jitter report on the "manage reports" page

         b. Go to Edit report and click Edit Adjacent to OperationDataSource drop down

         c. Replace voi.VoipOperationTypeID = 14 by voi.VoIPOperationInstanceID = @operationnumber

         d. Submit/save the report


    Enjoy the chart


    note: The number (14) is just an example. You need to find the operation instance ID (voi.VoIPOperationInstanceID ) of the ICMP Path Jitter operation in the and replace @operationNumber in this query.