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    I have sent 2x mails ( to ), but no answer. How can I receive the "welcome KIT"?

    Thank you.


    edit: it seems the contact is ( when I will get my certification kits ) patrick.hubbard


    OK, this is now working. No mail answer from , and no answer form SolarWinds. anyone any idea?

    Thank you


    Apparently Solarwinds is going toward "Mickey Mouse business" level.
    I passed 5 months ago - no sign of welcome kit.
    Sent an e-mail asking questions about my account and welcome kit 1.5 month ago to - they did not bother to answer.


    Not very encouraging :-/


    I passed about 2 months ago and no sign of any welcome kit here.


    Some kind of international postage issue perhaps? Did anyone in the US have to wait months?


    Frankly, I'm not sure if it even bothers me that much. Yet to be convinced the SCP was that worthwhile.


    I'm in the US and I've been waiting since November. The last response I received from SolarWinds was in early January. I sent a couple of emails since then but no one has responded.


    That is not good. At least an official statement would be great about this situation.


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