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    Twitter Army 2014 Twitter Guide for iammec


    Here is some quick info on Twitter use at MEC 2014.


    Official Twitter hashtag for MEC is #IamMEC – use this in ALL your tweets about the event.

    The official Twitter account for the event is @MEConf

    This conference is in Austin, TX, so cool stuff about Austin can be found with #TrueAustin

    Twitter Army Program & Contest sponsors: @SolarWinds and @myitforum

    TheKrewe’s official Twitter account: @TheKrewe (these are party people)

    Other relevant hashtags: #MSExchange, #Office365, #Microsoft, exchangeserver

    Tweeting about Sessions

    If you are in a session and need to share the speaker’s insight, use #MECSC and the session code number.

    For example: I can’t wait to see @12Knocksinna today #MECSC  MNG.UN.201 #IamMEC

    Tweeting about Exhibit Hall Finds

    If you learn about cool swag or cool technology in the Exhibit hall, use #MECHall at the end of your Tweet and be sure to note the booth number of the exhibitor. 

    For example: @SolarWinds has some really funny buttons at their booth 1005 #MECHall #IamMEC

    Keeping track of Fun

    To tweet about fun community gatherings, please use #MECfun

    For example: I am off to meet up with @theKrewe on #Raineystreet #MECfun #IamMEC

    Tracking MEC Tweets on the web

    If you have access to the web, and want to track special events that way, you can use

    Here’s direct links to a few special Hashtags: