Version 3

    So you think you have what it takes to be a NOC star.  Well, even the best and brightest need a lesson every now and then to fine tune their skills.  Below are the steps for creating your very own customized NOC view so you can enter to win a 60” NOC monitor.


    Edit the Current View


    1. Click Customize Page in the top right of the view to edit.
    2. If there are a lot of resources on your view, consider enabling left navigation with subviews, as follows:
      1. Check Enable left navigation.
      2. Configure subviews as directed in "Using and Configuring Subviews".
      3. If you want to delete a column from your view, click X in the top right of the column to delete.
      4. If you want to add a column to your view, click Add New Column in the empty column on the right. (Note: You may have up to six columns on a view)
      5. Provide the width, in pixels, of each column in the appropriate fields.
    3. If you want to add a resource to any column, repeat the following steps for each resource:
      1. Click + next to the column in which you want to add a resource.
      2. Select an appropriate grouping criterion from the Group by dropdown. (Note: Selecting [No Grouping] allows you to choose from all resources)
      3. If you selected a grouping criterion, select a corresponding resource group.
      4. Select all resources you want to add.


    Resources already in your view will not be checked on this page listing all web console resources. It is, therefore, possible to pick duplicates of resources you are already viewing.

    Some resources may require additional configuration. For more information, see “Resource Configuration Examples”.

    Several options on the Add Resources page are added to the list of resources for a page, but the actual configuration of a given map, link, or code is not added until the page is previewed.

    1. If you have completed the selection of resources to add to the selected view, click Add Selected Resources.
    2. If you want to delete a resource from a column, select the resource, and then click X next to the resource column to delete the selected resource.
    3. If you want to copy a resource in a column, select the resource, and then click next to the resource column to copy the selected resource. (Note: The copied resource displays with the same title in the list of column resources.)
    4. If you want to rearrange the order in which resources appear in your view, select resources, and then use the arrow keys to rearrange them.
    5. If you have finished configuring your view, click Preview. (Note: A preview of your custom web console displays in a new window. A message may display in the place of some resources if information for the resource has not been polled yet. For more information, see “Resource Configuration Examples”.)
    6. Close the preview window.
    7. If you want to see this view in Network Operations Center mode, where the content of each tab is cycled continuously, check Enable NOC view mode.
    8. If you want to apply or edit applied view limitations, click Edit in the View Limitation area, and then complete the following steps:
    9. Select a type of limitation to apply, and then click Continue.
    10. Complete required selections for the selected view limitation, and then click Submit.
    11. If you are satisfied with the configuration of your view, click Done.


    For more information about adding a customized view to menu bars as a custom item, see “Customizing Web Console Menu Bars”.

    For more information about assigning your customized view as the default view for a user, see “Editing User Accounts”.


    Edit a View Other than the Current View


    If you are not currently viewing the web console view you want to edit, complete the following steps:

    1. Click Settings in the top right of the web console.
    2. Click Manage Views in the Views group of the Orion Website Administration page.
    3. Select the view you want to customize from the list, and then click Edit.
    4. Follow the steps listed above



    Click here to submit a screenshot of your custom NOC view and be entered to win a 60" NOC monitor