Version 2

    General stats pulled from the eDirectory SNMP mib /etc/opt/novell/edirectory/conf/ndssnmp/edir.mib

    Tested on eDirectory 8.8.7

    Most monitors are array based - so the last part of each OID defines what is being reported.

    For most of my servers 1.1 relates to NCP protocol, and 1.2 relates to LDAP.

    Therefore the monitor for simple binds :-

    . = is the NCP number

    . = is the LDAP number

    This may be different on your server, but check . for the description of interface 1 . for the description of interface 2


    Important note  - This requires eDirectory to be configured with SNMP. From 8.8 onwards this should already be installed, but not configured.

    The config just enables the SNMP master agent and inserts the eDirectory parts.

    More can be found here

    NetIQ eDirectory 8.8 SP8 Administration Guide - eDirectory and SNMP