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    YOU CAN ACCESS THE PRESENTATION HERE: [VIDEO] Customer Case Studies: OPM and a Department of Defense Customer


    CHAT LOG - 3/6/2014  2:00PM - 2:30PM

    3/6/2014 14:07lmsherwinWelcome to our case study session. Gordon Jackson and Chet Camlin of Atlantic Digital are online now, along with many of our fantastic product management team who have been online today, to answer your questions throughout the presentation.
    3/6/2014 14:14ed.benderInteresting that Site 3 has Orion apps and DB on the same server.
    3/6/2014 14:15ed.bendermust be a small network there.
    3/6/2014 14:15goodzhereagree
    3/6/2014 14:16ccamlin111Yes. You are correct.  It makes sense for that site.
    3/6/2014 14:16goodzherethat server is doing too much. especially since NTA is installed too
    3/6/2014 14:16ed.benderdon't tell support it is technically "Unsupported" except for evaluation [Emotion=emwink.gif]
    3/6/2014 14:17ed.benderif it is running slow, you know how to fix it.
    3/6/2014 14:17ed.benderif it's running ok - then good enough.
    3/6/2014 14:18ccamlin111We are limited in what we can do for that site.  I will tell you that it is setup in such a manner that it runs faster than the other 2 sites.
    3/6/2014 14:18ed.benderLOL
    3/6/2014 14:19ccamlin111My chat session is stuck on John
    3/6/2014 14:19ccamlin111Let me try all again.
    3/6/2014 14:19ccamlin111Fixed
    3/6/2014 14:19ed.benderIs the "I want to hide my dirty laundry" common out there?
    3/6/2014 14:21ccamlin111At one particular site, yes. I can understand both points of view having worked both sides.
    3/6/2014 14:21ed.benderand as follow up, are our Role Based Access Controls adequate to control visibility?
    3/6/2014 14:23ccamlin111We are talking visibility at the node level.  It would be nice to have a RED/GREEN/YELLOW only view.
    3/6/2014 14:23ed.benderinteresting.  no details drill down allowed.  But high level allowed.
    3/6/2014 14:24ccamlin111Admins and Engineers are concerned with the number and type of questions they get when a node goes red.
    3/6/2014 14:26ed.benderso being able to specify which users can see Node Status only for selected nodes and which users can see Node details for selected nodes.
    3/6/2014 14:26ccamlin111I have worked around the issue buy sending the object details to another web site that says "Please call the help desk" for additional information using Network atlas.
    3/6/2014 14:27ed.benderis this common?  or just a few customers?
    3/6/2014 14:27ccamlin111Common for "Executive Dashboards"
    3/6/2014 14:28ed.benderOhhh..
    3/6/2014 14:28ed.benderso executive dashboards allow drilldown to the node details.
    3/6/2014 14:28ed.benderthat's the problem?
    3/6/2014 14:29ccamlin111yes. That seems to be a major p[roblem at a number of sites.
    3/6/2014 14:29ed.benderOK.  I'll make sure the PM's see this discussion.  This makes sense to me.