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    CHAT LOG - 3/6/2014  11:45AM - 12:25PM


    3/6/2014 11:49sqlrockstarBTW...I can't stand the sound of my I'm turning the volume way down.
    3/6/2014 11:51DatachickEveryone knows that databases are supposed to be mauve.
    3/6/2014 11:52lmsherwinWe love the sound of your voice Thomas!
    3/6/2014 11:53sqlrockstarI see a blond, brunette, and a deadlock monitor...
    3/6/2014 11:53sqlrockstarHi Karen, welcome!
    3/6/2014 11:54DatachickHiTom.  Is there coffee?
    3/6/2014 11:57sqlrockstarYes, I have coffee, thanks.
    3/6/2014 11:59clapointHow many of you manage databases as part of your daily responsibilities?
    3/6/2014 11:59Marchow are the default threholds in Appinsight for SQL determine and how often are they reviewed?
    3/6/2014 12:02francois.caronI'll ask, marc
    3/6/2014 12:08clapointOne question that we realize that many of you may be wondering is why would I need DPA if I've already got AppInsight for SQL. They're actually very complementary and monitor SQL server from two different perspectives.
    3/6/2014 12:08clapointAppInsight for SQL provides SQL server performance visibility from the system resource perspective, isolating the performance issue to the SQL server. AppInsight for SQL provides system administrators the ability to understand whether the performance issue is occurring due to a server/database resource load issue or a slow query.
    3/6/2014 12:09clapointDPA provides SQL Server query response time analysis from the application perspective. Ignite enables DBAs and developers to get visibility inside the SQL instance, identify top Wait Types to resolve the root cause of database performance problems.
    3/6/2014 12:09clapointHTH
    3/6/2014 12:11francois.caronMarc, the response to your Q is as that thresholds in AppInsight are based on Microsoft's published best practices and are reviewed before each release. These are the same thresholds you would find in SCOM for components that overlap
    3/6/2014 12:12francois.caronand as you may know, the threshold baseline calculator can of course also be used to finely tune thresholds unique to your own envionment. That was introduced in SAM last year. Are you using it?
    3/6/2014 12:13MarcThank you for the response. I am new to DPA. Is DPA another SW module to purchase?
    3/6/2014 12:14francois.caronYes, it's a new product recently added to our portfolio
    3/6/2014 12:14MarcDoes it integrate to Orion or is it completely seperate?
    3/6/2014 12:14francois.carongreat complement to SAM AppInsight, as Chris pointed out above
    3/6/2014 12:16francois.caronNot integrated today, but we have thoughts abotu that. How important would it be for you?
    3/6/2014 12:16francois.caronI mean the integration to Orin...
    3/6/2014 12:16francois.caronOrion
    3/6/2014 12:17MarcIts very important as there are too many standalone tools. were looking to keep all monitoring tools on one pane.
    3/6/2014 12:17francois.caronMakes complete sense.
    3/6/2014 12:19francois.caronIn the mean time - you can download the product and try it for free, see what it does for you. At some point we might deliver an integration into ORION
    3/6/2014 12:22MarcHow does DPA handle cluster environments?
    3/6/2014 12:22sqlrockstarIf anyone has a general database performance tuning question, or a question about DPA, just let me know!
    3/6/2014 12:23sqlrockstarFor traditional clusters we would advise you register using the virtual network name. But if necessary, you could register each node.
    3/6/2014 12:23sqlrockstarIf anyone has a general database performance tuning question, or a question about DPA, just let me know!
    3/6/2014 12:24sqlrockstarYou are looking at DPA with the VM option right now, showing all the layers between you and your data.