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    CHAT LOG - 3/6/2014     10:00AM - 11:15AM




    3/6/2014 10:01Fernando[Emotion=emthup.gif]
    3/6/2014 10:02francois.caronHey Fernando
    3/6/2014 10:03turnerdlWhats this all about?
    3/6/2014 10:04ed.benderFederal User Group videos.
    3/6/2014 10:04ed.benderThis is the online version
    3/6/2014 10:04turnerdlok
    3/6/2014 10:04ed.benderWe had our Federal Users Group meeting in Washington, DC last week.
    3/6/2014 10:04ed.benderthis is the same content but presented online.
    3/6/2014 10:05lmsherwinThis is the online version of our federal user group meeting last week.  Presentations are being streamed today with product management and federal sales engineers available to answer questions.  Full list of sessions is at: and will be streamed here on this page all day.
    3/6/2014 10:09clapointWho is feeling the pain of converged IT? Where would each of you say you land on the spectrum of fragmented IT to converged IT?
    3/6/2014 10:12GaryWe are fragmented but slowing moving to converged. Its a painful process.
    3/6/2014 10:12clapointThanks, Gary. Anybody else?
    3/6/2014 10:13francois.caronHow could the Solarwinds portfolio change to reduce that pain, Gary?
    3/6/2014 10:15lmsherwinIf you would like to see the description of this presentation airing now "SolarWinds Product Update and Tips to Get the Most from Your Implementations" below the video just refresh this page and you will see the full description below the video.
    3/6/2014 10:16GaryUsing SolarWinds has really helped get departments on board since it provides that one stop for monitoring the enterprise. Being able to show department managers how powerful it can be to proactively monitor the network, servers and applications has helped immensely.
    3/6/2014 10:16clapointOn the NOC view, the other big feature that I didn't mention is it rotates between views like a slideshare! So, you can really take advantage of large screen monitors
    3/6/2014 10:17clapointFor those that own Network Performance Monitor (NPM), what version are you currently running in production?
    3/6/2014 10:18GaryWe were able to use Network Atlas to to build out dashboards for different applications showing all aspects from the network to the services running on the servers. This was a huge win for us
    3/6/2014 10:18Gary10.6.2
    3/6/2014 10:18goodzhere10.6
    3/6/2014 10:18GaryWe have 4 large screen displays and that NOC view will be going on them.
    3/6/2014 10:18clapointGreat. Are you both using web-based reporting already?
    3/6/2014 10:18francois.caronsounds good Gary. Anything that we can do in the products, to help with your "convergence".
    3/6/2014 10:19francois.caronand the "painful process" you were eluding to?
    3/6/2014 10:19GaryIve been using SolarWinds for the past 8 years and I am loving the growth of the product.
    3/6/2014 10:20francois.carongreat to hear.
    3/6/2014 10:20clapointYes, thanks for that!
    3/6/2014 10:21goodzherei agree
    3/6/2014 10:21Johnlikewise
    3/6/2014 10:22francois.caronok, those 2 sound good too, thanks. we'll relay to development.
    3/6/2014 10:22GaryThe only thing with the web based reporting that needs added is integrating a report into a resource view like we can currently do with Report Writer reports.
    3/6/2014 10:23Johnagreed on that
    3/6/2014 10:23clapointChecking to see if that's something we've added in 10.7
    3/6/2014 10:24clapointWho owns Server and Application Monitor (SAM)?
    3/6/2014 10:24GaryWe do
    3/6/2014 10:24clapointAre you using AppInsight for SQL already?
    3/6/2014 10:24GaryYes
    3/6/2014 10:24GaryLove it
    3/6/2014 10:25clapointGreat, we hope you'll love Exchange as well.
    3/6/2014 10:25clapointNetwork-Centric APM is something we started as a parallel project in the 2H13.
    3/6/2014 10:25GaryI am excited for it. Definitely a great addition.
    3/6/2014 10:26francois.caronWhat's important for you in this, gary?
    3/6/2014 10:27clapointHow many of you are using deep packet inspection (DPI) technologies today in your network troubleshooting?
    3/6/2014 10:28goodzherewe are with are firewalls
    3/6/2014 10:29GaryWe have to jump around to different servers/applications and being able to get it on one page would save us a lot of time.
    3/6/2014 10:29GaryWe can better react to issues and resolve them before they escalate
    3/6/2014 10:30francois.caronAbout the inserion of a report in a view: it is not possible to take an existing web report and use it as a resource in a view, though in 10.7 you can take a custom table / chart and use it in a view
    3/6/2014 10:30francois.caronthat being said, It is possible to still add old ReportWriter reports to views as a resource, in 10.7
    3/6/2014 10:30francois.caronmakes sense Gary
    3/6/2014 10:30clapointright. and we're hoping that network-centric APM + app stack visualization will help eliminate a lot of time wasted on the "it's not me" finger pointing and get to the real issue faster
    3/6/2014 10:31GaryWeb reporting is has a lot more options for reporting than report writer.
    3/6/2014 10:32clapointand just in case it wasn't apparent, integration is a huge theme for us in 2014.
    3/6/2014 10:32GaryPlus management likes the colorful reports that web reporting provides.
    3/6/2014 10:32Scott.Wagner.USARMYcivlol
    3/6/2014 10:32francois.caronyou are right on that. that improvement is on the list for the future
    3/6/2014 10:33clapointif you're interested in being involved in prototyping/mockups around network-centric APM or app stack visualization, please let us know on chat now and we'll work offline to get you connected
    3/6/2014 10:33francois.caronyeah, we all noticed that :-) can't say more here, Chris is my manager :-)
    3/6/2014 10:33Johnwould like to see it
    3/6/2014 10:33Garyagreed
    3/6/2014 10:34clapointnetwork-centric APM or app stack or both?
    3/6/2014 10:35GaryBoth would be of interest to us
    3/6/2014 10:35francois.caronwe'll ping you off line on this Gary
    3/6/2014 10:35Garyok. thanks
    3/6/2014 10:35francois.caronJohn, same for you?
    3/6/2014 10:36Johnsure
    3/6/2014 10:37francois.caronTo expedite the process, whoever is interested in the NetworkCentric APM (DPI), there is a beta preview available for you, if you sign-up here:
    3/6/2014 10:37francois.caronit's 1 min of your time
    3/6/2014 10:38Johngetting a 404 on that link
    3/6/2014 10:39Garytake the period off the end of the link
    3/6/2014 10:40Johnah much better thx
    3/6/2014 10:40francois.caronGary and John, to make sure we can contact you offline, please send me an email at We are not sure that we have your email from this registration
    3/6/2014 10:42sqlrockstarIt says 11:45CST...that's an hour from now, right?
    3/6/2014 10:44lmsherwinyes, that is correct - .  Folks are welcome to stay and keep asking questions now, the next presentation will air at 11:45 Central, giving everyone a chance for a quick lunch/coffee break between sessions.
    3/6/2014 10:45GaryEmail sent
    3/6/2014 10:46francois.caronjust got it, thanks Gary
    3/6/2014 10:46sqlrockstarOK, got it, wanted to make certain I had the right time!
    3/6/2014 10:46lmsherwinThanks Thomas!
    3/6/2014 10:49sqlrockstarNP
    3/6/2014 11:01lmsherwinThank you for joining us today. Our next presentation will be starting at 11:45 CT/12:45 ET - Database Performance Analyzer:  What are You Waiting For?