Version 3

    This is an updated version from my original Average & Peak Circuit Utilizations during working hours - 30 days.  Instead of updating that thread I'm creating a new one in case some people may still want it for older versions of solarwinds.


    This is working as of version 10.6.1.


    A few things.

    1.  I use a custom property "City" for my locations, so you will need to change that field to work with what you are using.  That is found under the Select Fields tab.  I also use this on the Report Grouping tab so I get the output you see in the below screenshot.

    2.  I filter on MPLS which we put on all our interface names, so you will probably want to either delete it for all interfaces or put in your own.

    3.  Time is easy to adjust located on the Filter Results tab.


    Here is a screenshot