Version 5

    Maintaining insight into our networks and keeping them secure is a fulltime responsibility. Not only can it be difficult to determine what we should be looking for, but when we see it, what can we do about it? Furthermore, how can we do it 24/7/365? SolarWinds Log and Event Manager provides an extremely powerful and flexible solution to those problems and more! Join Sales Engineer Chris Jeffreys and Trainer Gerry “Skeeter” Pond in unraveling the mysteries of log and event management and show you how to use this powerful tool, even when you’re finally getting a few moments of well-deserved sleep.


    • Best Practices as to What/Where to Look

    • Capturing Network Activities and Events – Filters

    • One-Stop Monitoring – Creating an effective LEM dashboard

    • On-The-Fly Analysis – Event Explorer and nDepth

    • Taking Action against Potential Threats – Active and Reactive

    • Reporting – Scheduled and Ad-Hoc


    This session will explore some best practices for monitoring your network and demonstrate how SolarWinds LEM can assist in discovering, reporting, and taking action against inappropriate activities, potential threats and malicious events.