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    10/11/2013 16:0067.79.13.42GTGrayproper spelling is NOT required for this webcast!
    10/11/2013 16:0074.193.64.139MattHarveyI often say that about my job as well, proper spelling was not in the job description
    10/11/2013 16:0074.193.64.139MattHarvey
    10/11/2013 16:0067.79.13.42GTGrayglenn gray ....the golden voice of product marketing
    10/11/2013 16:0267.79.13.42GTGrayif you have any technical questions about anything WHD or DW, we've got our resident technical guru, kelly, here to provide answers
    10/11/2013 16:0374.193.64.139MattHarveyI've noticed with v 12.0.1 if I set one request type, then change to another before setting the sub request type, I keep getting an error.  I have to basically hit ok on the error to get past it.  Only happens if I choose the wrong initial request type.  It's like it has an issue trying to reload the child types when the parent is changed
    10/11/2013 16:0567.79.13.42GTGraycan't say i've seen that one
    10/11/2013 16:0567.79.13.42GTGraydid you notice similar behavior on earlier versions?
    10/11/2013 16:0574.193.64.139MattHarveyno, actually
    10/11/2013 16:0567.79.13.42GTGrayhmmmm
    10/11/2013 16:0574.193.64.139MattHarveyseems random too
    10/11/2013 16:0574.193.64.139MattHarveymight be the install we have
    10/11/2013 16:0667.79.13.42GTGraywhat does your deployment look like?
    10/11/2013 16:0667.79.13.42GTGraywindows?
    10/11/2013 16:0674.193.64.139MattHarveyodd question, if you have an install on a Windows server with a back end SQL but want to change to an appliance, can you point it to the existing DB?
    10/11/2013 16:0674.193.64.139MattHarveyand yes, we are using it on Windows
    10/11/2013 16:0867.79.13.15kellyticeyou should be able to do that, yes. our appliances (vmware or hyper-v) are centOS based, though, just for reference.
    10/11/2013 16:0874.193.64.139MattHarveyok, we had a setup on a centOS server at one point, but moved away from it.
    10/11/2013 16:0874.193.64.139MattHarveymay have to try it out again
    10/11/2013 16:0974.193.64.139MattHarveyI love the dual method of ticket creation btw, email and web
    10/11/2013 16:1067.79.13.15kellyticeEX-cellent!  Glad you like it.
    10/11/2013 16:1274.193.64.139MattHarveyare there plans to expand the reporting to allow for query based reporting similar to advanced SQL reports in Orion?
    10/11/2013 16:1567.79.13.15kellyticeI know our dev/pm team have mentioned the reporting section as one they have plans for; here is the "What we're working on for Web Help Desk" page that mentions it:
    10/11/2013 16:1574.193.64.139MattHarveygot a not found with that link
    10/11/2013 16:1567.79.13.15kellytice
    10/11/2013 16:1974.193.64.139MattHarveydate on that link is wrong, I found it though at
    10/11/2013 16:2967.79.13.42GTGrayi just saw a photo of kelly with a massive mohawk!
    10/11/2013 16:2967.79.13.42ReneI need to see that!
    10/11/2013 16:4567.79.13.42GTGraywell there you have it.  the one-two punch of help desk software
    10/11/2013 16:4567.79.13.42GTGrayany questions?
    10/11/2013 16:4674.193.64.139MattHarveywhen should one choose dameware over say N-Able.  They look very similar in terms of remote management
    10/11/2013 16:4767.79.13.42GTGrayN-able is really aimed at managed service providers whereas DW is more focused on single organizations
    10/11/2013 16:4774.193.64.139MattHarveyok so N-Able would be overkill for a single organization's internal IT needs
    10/11/2013 16:4767.79.13.42GTGrayThat's not to say that DW can't scale to work with MSPs, but at present it's not as well suited as N-able
    10/11/2013 16:4767.79.13.42GTGrayexactly!
    10/11/2013 16:49118.209.171.97ShuthThanks for the presentations this week
    10/11/2013 16:4967.79.13.42GTGrayit was our pleasure
    10/11/2013 16:4967.79.13.42GTGraywe love talking about our software
    10/11/2013 16:49118.209.171.97ShuthTime to play around with a few of the modules I haven't really explored yet
    10/11/2013 16:4967.79.13.15sandipThanks so muc everyone for joining this week!
    10/11/2013 16:5067.79.13.42GTGraythanks to everyone for listening in. have a great weekend!  and thanks to Shuth and MattHarvey for the great questions and comments!
    10/11/2013 16:5067.79.13.15sandipWe had a great time!
    10/11/2013 16:5067.79.13.15sandipHave a great weekend an hopefully we'll see you all again real soon!!
    10/11/2013 16:50118.209.171.97ShuthDitto - it's been good to be able to chat the devs/product managers
    10/11/2013 16:5074.193.64.139MattHarveytake it easy, enjoy your weekend