Version 1
    10/10/2013 14:3064.129.144.40brianmradAre we ready for VMan integration with SAM & NPM?
    10/10/2013 14:3067.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLDid you have a question about NPM?
    10/10/2013 14:3067.79.13.15CaraYeah!
    10/10/2013 14:3271.64.110.224LeonAdatobrianmradWhat I *really* need is a completely new module:
    10/10/2013 14:3271.64.110.224LeonAdatoSolarWinds Management Mind-Control
    10/10/2013 14:3364.129.144.40brianmradI will take that as a feature request
    10/10/2013 14:3371.64.110.224LeonAdatoYou will buy me the SolarWinds products I've been asking for
    10/10/2013 14:3371.64.110.224LeonAdatoYou will provide me with sufficient hardware the first time I ask for it
    10/10/2013 14:3371.64.110.224LeonAdatoYou will NOT demand I implement new monitoring solutions 'in my spare time'
    10/10/2013 14:3464.129.144.40brianmradPlease send us your credit card information
    10/10/2013 14:34118.209.171.97ShuthSorry - Geoblocked
    10/10/2013 14:36216.54.137.106frankcan I run generate an NPM alert based on views from VMM?
    10/10/2013 14:3664.129.144.40brianmradOnce VMan is installed and configured as an appliance, turning on the integration is quick to turn on in Orion > Settings > Virtualization
    10/10/2013 14:3670.169.66.194ToddLAbout WPM...can it be installed into the NPM web console.
    10/10/2013 14:36118.209.171.97ShuthIs that where you exclude VMs from that specific alert?
    10/10/2013 14:3667.79.13.15PatrickHubbardOh sure it's already an Orion module
    10/10/2013 14:3767.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLjust install alongside
    10/10/2013 14:3764.129.144.40brianmradfrankNot in 6.0, you still build alerts in VMan.  But that is a requested features we are working on.
    10/10/2013 14:37216.54.137.106frankthanks.
    10/10/2013 14:3770.169.66.194ToddLPatrickHubbardalong side?? what do you mean.
    10/10/2013 14:3867.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLWPM, SAM, VnQM, UDT, IPAM, NetFlow all install integrated
    10/10/2013 14:3867.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLNCM
    10/10/2013 14:3864.129.144.40brianmradShuthWere you asking about alerts in VMan or in the integration with Orion?
    10/10/2013 14:3967.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddL
    10/10/2013 14:3964.129.144.40brianmradAll the widgets and dashboards are created via searches, as are the alerts - its quite powerful
    10/10/2013 14:3970.169.66.194ToddLPatrickHubbardThat is not how the manual states. Says on a stand alone srv
    10/10/2013 14:4067.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLYou can run it stand-alone or integrated
    10/10/2013 14:40118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradVM: You clicked on a particular alert and briefly talked about the configure alert and changing the threshold levels. Would you exclude certain VMs in that same area?  If you want to exclude a large number of VMs would it be something <standard alert conditions> exclude (VM=VM1 OR VM2 or VM3 or VM4) etc with a big list of VMs
    10/10/2013 14:4167.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLthe Players (which do remote web testing from mutiple locations) can be installed on any machine
    10/10/2013 14:4164.129.144.40brianmradSearches can also be turned into trends - calculated information that is saved over time - but defined by you. We leverage this function to calculate our AMazon Cloud Dashboard
    10/10/2013 14:4264.129.144.40brianmradShuthYes, you can alter or clone alerts and then change the base search on the objects (VM, datastore, Host, etc.)
    10/10/2013 14:43118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradCan you add custom properties like in Orion?  Otherwise if you want to have different thresholds for different VMs you would have to list every single VM in the alert?
    10/10/2013 14:4370.169.66.194ToddLPatrickHubbardI'm sorry but the link does not tell me what can or can not be on the same server.
    10/10/2013 14:4464.129.144.40brianmradShuthYes, we can add "tags" and then filter on them, like custom properties
    10/10/2013 14:4564.129.144.40brianmradShuthCheck out this post about how to customize alerts:
    10/10/2013 14:45118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradAhhh cheers
    10/10/2013 14:4670.169.66.194ToddLPatrickHubbardWhat I am asking about is......can the WPM "WEB" tab be put on the NPM web interface.
    10/10/2013 14:4664.129.144.40brianmradThe VMan Map allows you to quickly see all related items, so if you have an issue with say a datastore, you can see all the related VM's
    10/10/2013 14:4764.129.144.40brianmradAll of this storage data KEvin is showing right now is available in Orion via the integration
    10/10/2013 14:4770.169.66.194ToddLPatrickHubbardthat is what my mgr wants.
    10/10/2013 14:4764.129.144.40brianmradSo you can see this chart in Orion in native orion charts
    10/10/2013 14:49118.209.171.97ShuthToddLIf you install WPM and NPM on the same server you should have the NETWORK and WEB tabs on your web interface just like you see at
    10/10/2013 14:5164.129.144.40brianmradSpawl - identifying where you can reclaim resources - CPU, mem, storage - sometimes whole VM's
    10/10/2013 14:5470.169.66.194ToddLShuthThanks for the link but that page does not tell me much.
    10/10/2013 14:54118.209.171.97ShuthToddLIt was just to show that with each module installed you get a new tab
    10/10/2013 14:5570.169.66.194ToddLShuthyou must be seeing a different page than I.
    10/10/2013 14:5667.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLSo you're asking if you can install WPM separately from NPM, but still have them on the same web interface? Is there some reason for that?
    10/10/2013 14:57118.209.171.97ShuthToddLSorry - if you click the Login button on that page it will take you to a demo site
    10/10/2013 14:5770.169.66.194ToddLShuthI was just following the install manual. It did not say you could install WPM on the same server as NPM was. So I build a new server and installed WPM on it.
    10/10/2013 14:5767.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLHere it is integrated
    10/10/2013 14:5867.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLHmm.  We recommend installing all the modules on the same server.
    10/10/2013 14:5867.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLFor eval it can run standalone, but then you have dupicate orion DBs
    10/10/2013 14:5967.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLI'd install it right on the same machine as NPM, SAM and other modules.  You install the players out where you want to test from, and it even keeps them updated for you.
    10/10/2013 15:0070.169.66.194ToddLPatrickHubbardfirst I have heard of that. I have WPM and NCM on separtate servers from NPM.
    10/10/2013 15:0167.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLfor example, if you wanted to verify IPv4 and IPv6 peering quality, I'd put a player on a v4 network and one on v6 and then dual stack your Orion box.  you'd get pure v4 and v6 transaction metrics from the players and your WPM and NCM/NPM data all on one screen.
    10/10/2013 15:0267.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLHmm.. They're designed to all install together like in the demo so you get a single UI
    10/10/2013 15:0367.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLThough you *can* install them standalone (except for NetFlow), I always put them on one box.
    10/10/2013 15:0470.169.66.194ToddLPatrickHubbardSo I"m screwed now.
    10/10/2013 15:0464.129.144.40brianmradSo the integration allows shows the VMan data in context in Orion views and resources, and allows you navigate related views in Orion, regardless if the data live in Orion or VMan
    10/10/2013 15:06118.209.171.97ShuthToddLIf monitoring a VMware server, Orion determines if you're monitoring the VMs on that server by the IP Address... is there a way to override and force Orion to link a VM to a particular node in SolarWinds (I've seen an MSP monitor some customers but NAT'd IPs break a lot of the Orion functionality - specifically IVIM and UCS monitoring (it cannot link to the blades))
    10/10/2013 15:06118.209.171.97ShuthToddLSorry - that was meant for all, not you ToddL
    10/10/2013 15:0667.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLMaybe not.  You might want to call support and the'll help you get your NPM and NCM stitched up.  You can export your WPM recordings and pull them back into a new install on your combined machine.
    10/10/2013 15:06118.209.171.97ShuthI am assuming the way around it would be to stick an Additional Polling Engine in the remote customer network and not NAT
    10/10/2013 15:0864.129.144.40brianmradShuthI don't think you can force the relationship between VM and Host in Orion.  Yes, a Poller could fix the issue if it could monitor it locally.
    10/10/2013 15:0864.129.144.40brianmradSo this is all VMAn data in native Orion views and resources
    10/10/2013 15:09118.209.171.97ShuthI found the table in the DB to override the UCS linking (you manually link to the nodeID) but when it does it's rediscovery it overwrites the values back to unknown
    10/10/2013 15:0970.169.66.194ToddLPatrickHubbardWe have no recordings. I did not have a priority to play with WPM. And the Web Team was not interested.
    10/10/2013 15:1064.129.144.40brianmradShuthRight, over time it will overwrite the releationship
    10/10/2013 15:10118.209.171.97ShuthI don't know if its possible to "lock" a table in SQL but I figured that would break more than it would solve
    10/10/2013 15:1164.129.144.40brianmradThe Datastore view brings together all you storage data - capacity, usage, alerts, performance and VMs (usage and performance)
    10/10/2013 15:1270.169.66.194ToddLPatrickHubbardIs your VM product better than Foglight?
    10/10/2013 15:1364.129.144.40brianmradOf course
    10/10/2013 15:13118.209.171.97Shuthlol
    10/10/2013 15:1367.79.13.42sandipSolarWinds products are the BEST!
    10/10/2013 15:1467.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLOk, so then you're not so screwed. ;-) If the only issue is you NCM is on another box and you want to get it onto our NPM machine, give support a call and they'll help you out.
    10/10/2013 15:1467.79.13.15PatrickHubbardToddLour=your.
    10/10/2013 15:1470.169.66.194ToddLPatrickHubbardSorry I have not seen that so far.
    10/10/2013 15:1564.129.144.40brianmradGood point Kevin - VMan collects from both Hyper-V and VMware, and the integration shows both in Orion
    10/10/2013 15:1664.129.144.40brianmradFor more info on the integration, check out this blog post:
    10/10/2013 15:1664.129.144.40brianmrad
    10/10/2013 15:16118.209.171.97ShuthNice presentation - going to have to rewatch some of those sections as I was distracted typiing ^^
    10/10/2013 15:1764.129.144.40brianmradThanks... it is distracting, but we love being able to answer questions
    10/10/2013 15:1764.129.144.40brianmradSo any questions on Virtualization Manager or the integration with NPM/SAM
    10/10/2013 15:1864.129.144.40brianmradHas anyone turned on the integration in their Orion environment?
    10/10/2013 15:18118.209.171.97ShuthI don't have VM internally but I'm going to run up a lab next week with NPM/SAM/VM/SM evals
    10/10/2013 15:19118.209.171.97ShuthI've played with each module individually
    10/10/2013 15:1975.87.198.175KrisMaxwellbrianmradturning it on tomorrow night in our environment
    10/10/2013 15:1964.129.144.40brianmradAwesome - the blog post covers how to do that too.
    10/10/2013 15:1965.121.28.16ecklerwr1I've just upgraded to SAM 6.0 and NPM 10.6 we also have VMan... what special do I have to do to turn on the integration?
    10/10/2013 15:2165.121.28.16ecklerwr1I kinda thought I was missing something maybe...
    10/10/2013 15:2164.129.144.40brianmradecklerwr11) Upgrade VMan to 6.0  2) Go to Settings > Settings section > Virtualization Settings and follow the instructions
    10/10/2013 15:2165.121.28.16ecklerwr1k thnx Brian
    10/10/2013 15:2164.129.144.40brianmradecklerwr12) In Orion, to to Settings > Settings section > Virtualization Settings and follow the instructions
    10/10/2013 15:2164.129.144.40brianmradecklerwr1that is
    10/10/2013 15:2265.121.28.16ecklerwr1np... the instructions right inside are pretty good now... like what I had to run on SQL to get SQLAppInsight permissions set correctly.  I assume its something like that.
    10/10/2013 15:2264.129.144.40brianmradDefinitely check out the blog at the end, it has detailed instructions
    10/10/2013 15:2364.129.144.40brianmradYes, just a single screen defining where VMan is - it validates and connects, then all the cool stuff appears
    10/10/2013 15:2364.129.144.40brianmradExtra views and subviews
    10/10/2013 15:23216.54.137.106frankI had the integration set up and added a new ESX server into SolarWinds, when I hit the storage or virtualization tabs it is saying I need to do the integration again, but I still see the proper displays in the other ESX hosts.. issue or do I have to re run integration for each cluster I bring in to SW Orion
    10/10/2013 15:2564.129.144.40brianmradfrankIn 6.0, you do have to add resources to both VMan and Orion for the integration to work, so you will have to go into VMan and that server as well (assuming it is not part of vCenter you are already monitoring in VMan).  We are working to improve that in future releases.
    10/10/2013 15:2864.129.144.40brianmradAnyone else tried the integration between VMan and SAM/NPM?
    10/10/2013 15:2964.129.144.40brianmradNote as a bonus, if you have STM too, the links in VMan to STM are also propagated into Orion, allowing you to conextually drill from App to datastore to LUN
    10/10/2013 15:3064.129.144.40brianmradinside Orion (no intermediate jump to VMan)
    10/10/2013 15:35216.54.137.106frankI was thinking the our other Vcenter was not being managed via VMM, but it was, I will open a another call on the VMM Integration issue.
    10/10/2013 15:5512.234.128.131colbyit's the final countdown!
    10/10/2013 15:5512.234.128.131colby(of the day)
    10/10/2013 15:5912.234.128.131colbypoor lewis.