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    10/10/2013 13:00118.209.171.97ShuthPoor Lewis
    10/10/2013 13:0366.68.96.99daniellehecklerwr1I shipped the backpacks yesterday!
    10/10/2013 13:0467.79.13.15PatrickHubbardRhidianSSorry.. phone call.
    10/10/2013 13:0567.79.13.15PatrickHubbardRhidianSwhat i hear you saying is that you want to put html5 in the html resourece
    10/10/2013 13:0567.79.13.15PatrickHubbardRhidianSby that you mean dynamic content or with jQuery/javascript?
    10/10/2013 13:0667.79.13.15PatrickHubbardRhidianSThat should be no problem- you can put *anything* in a Custom HTML resource with one condition:
    10/10/2013 13:0767.79.13.15PatrickHubbardRhidianSThe HTML will be rendered in the context of the rest of the page, so you can break the Orion view if you do something really wonky with javascript
    10/10/2013 13:0767.79.13.15PatrickHubbardRhidianSit's pretty tolerant, but just remember that bit
    10/10/2013 13:0864.129.144.40tparikkaServ-U's File Sharing can also be set to require a password to access the file share, on top of the private link
    10/10/2013 13:0864.129.144.40tparikkaAnd it sends notifications both ways of files being uploaded, and when files are downloaded from a share.
    10/10/2013 13:08118.209.171.97ShuthI'm assuming the file sharing requires the Managed File Transfer license?
    10/10/2013 13:, cheers Patrick, I'll have another look tomorrow
    10/10/2013 13:0964.129.144.40tparikka@Shuth That's correct, the MFT Server level is required for File Sharing.
    10/10/2013 13:0967.79.13.15PatrickHubbardRhidianSOk, hit me up on thwack if you need more help!
    10/10/2013 13:
    10/10/2013 13:1866.195.91.187JimIs there any support for pgp encryption on top of standard FTP?
    10/10/2013 13: you have this presentation in archive somewhere?
    10/10/2013 13:1864.129.144.40tparikkaServ-U doesn't have integrated support for PGP encryption - that said, if you're receiving files in Serv-U you can use a "File Uploaded" event to trigger a batch file, and perform PGP encryption that way.
    10/10/2013 13:1967.79.13.15Carayou will be able to access this presentation in the video player below the day 3 schedule on this page
    10/10/2013 13:1964.129.144.40tparikkaEvents in Serv-U can be used to trigger pretty much any program or batch file you need to run, as well as send emails, write to the MSMQ or to the Windows Event Log.
    10/10/2013 13:1966.195.91.187JimUnderstood, many of our vendors still use FTP (instead of SFTP) and require encryption before upload, still looking for an automated solution for our users.
    10/10/2013 13:! Thanks,
    10/10/2013 13:2066.195.91.187JimtparikkaThanks
    10/10/2013 13:2064.129.144.40tparikkaEncryption at the point prior to upload unfortunately still has to be a client-side operation - there's no way for the server to force the client to encrypt prior to transmission
    10/10/2013 13:2164.129.144.40tparikkaIt may be easier for your vendors to transition to FTPS as opposed to FTP, depending on what processes they are using to upload files - FTP is the regular FTP protocol wrapped in SSL, whereas SFTP is a whole different protocol and requires some additional work for migration.
    10/10/2013 13:22118.209.171.97ShuthzibakI don't think we have an internal requirement for this but it would still be interesting to play around with. Will grab an eval
    10/10/2013 13:22118.209.171.97Shuthzibakoops - meant to tparikka
    10/10/2013 13:2364.129.144.40tparikka If you have questions during the eval, get in touch with one of our sales reps - they can put you in touch with our SE team who can answer questions one-on-one and help with eval setup (usually that means you'll be working with me )
    10/10/2013 13:25118.209.171.97ShuthYeah I usually contact the APAC Presales team
    10/10/2013 13:29118.209.171.97ShuthOn a side note, it's not listed on but it is on the pricing page
    10/10/2013 13:3164.129.144.40tparikkaInteresting, I didn't realize - I'll send it up the line, Serv-U should definitely be listed there ^_^
    10/10/2013 13:32118.209.171.97ShuthI don't see it on the online store either
    10/10/2013 13:4064.129.144.40tparikkaAnyone have questions yet about Serv-U?
    10/10/2013 13:5266.68.155.115dkeyserI saw people talking about FTPS, is there a way to set this up in Serv-U? So I can force my users to send files in a secure manor.
    10/10/2013 13:5364.129.144.40tparikkaYes - there are two elements to this. The first is to configure an SSL certificate in "Domain Limits & Settings | Encryption" in the Serv-U Management Console, with your company's information. You can also use an existing certificate
    10/10/2013 13:5464.129.144.40tparikkaThen, if you want to force encrypted connections by your users, you can go to "Domain Limits & Settings | Limits" and set "Require secure connection before login" to "Yes". This will disallow any insecure connections and also has the neat effect of automatically redirecting all HTTP connections to HTTPS as well, behind the scenes.
    10/10/2013 13:5566.68.155.115dkeyserExcellent! Thank you very much. Some of the information that is sent can be sensitive. This is exactly what I'd need.
    10/10/2013 14:0367.79.13.15CaraGet EXCITED!! next session starts in 30 minutes!!
    10/10/2013 14:0466.195.91.187Jimtparikka<--- Getting excited!
    10/10/2013 14:0466.195.91.187Jimtparikkaoops
    10/10/2013 14:0466.195.91.187JimtparikkaHuh, stuck responding to tparikka
    10/10/2013 14:0564.129.144.40tparikkaIf anyone has any other questions, hit me up on Thwack
    10/10/2013 14:0564.129.144.40tparikkaThanks for coming!
    10/10/2013 14:05118.209.171.97ShuthThanks for the presentation!
    10/10/2013 14:0567.79.13.15CaraJim, in the chat window there should be a drop down bar to the left of "disconnect"
    10/10/2013 14:0667.79.13.15Carayou want to change the drop down bar from "tparikka" to "To All"
    10/10/2013 14:0666.195.91.187Jimfixed?
    10/10/2013 14:0666.195.91.187JimYes
    10/10/2013 14:0667.79.13.15Carayes!
    10/10/2013 14:1067.79.13.15CaraFor the next session we have brianmrad in the chat with us to answer any technical questions!
    10/10/2013 14:1167.79.13.15Carabrianmrad is a SolarWinds Product Manager for Virtualization Manager, Storage Management, Java Core and our Enterprise Operations console!
    10/10/2013 14:23152.130.15.128Kurt (shadowsbear)at the end of ThwackCamp will there be a transcript available of any questions and answers from the Chat?
    10/10/2013 14:2670.169.66.194ToddLCan I ask about WPM and NPM
    10/10/2013 14:2666.68.96.99daniellehKurt (shadowsbear)yes. I will publish each session's chat logs into documents and reference them on this page. They will also be available for download.
    10/10/2013 14:26152.130.15.128Kurt (shadowsbear)ok Thank you.
    10/10/2013 14:2870.169.66.194ToddLCan WPM be intergrated in to NPM.