Version 1
    10/9/2013 16:0067.79.13.41aLTeReGoCorrect. By default Orion collects Node statistics every 10 minutes
    10/9/2013 16:0167.79.13.41aLTeReGoThis polling value can be changed as frequently as once every minute as needed
    10/9/2013 16:0371.64.110.224LeonAdatojakeglad I could help.
    10/9/2013 16:0371.64.110.224LeonAdatojake;-)
    10/9/2013 16:0474.193.64.139MattHarveyAre there any plans to have SAM or Orion collect data with IPMI in the future?
    10/9/2013 16:0471.64.110.224LeonAdatoaLTeReGoagreed (on "what is reality"). BUT you can get that number by SNMP, WMI, watching task manager, and even perfmon - all the same stat on the same box, but there will be variations.
    10/9/2013 16:0471.64.110.224LeonAdatoaLTeReGoAnd THEN you talk about different stats at different levels.
    10/9/2013 16:0567.79.13.41aLTeReGoit's something we're researching, but no immediate plans. The issue is that only the latest generation of servers from HP and Dell support hardware health or Asset Inventory through IPMI
    10/9/2013 16:0567.79.13.41aLTeReGoWhile IPMI has been around a long time, older machines only support very basic IPMI functionality, such as shutdown/reboot/etc.
    10/9/2013 16:0799.116.243.6frankthis event to alert, can you use it with services also?
    10/9/2013 16:0767.79.13.41aLTeReGoAny server purchased in 2013 with a DRAC or HP iLO should support the expanded IPMI standard that includes information related to Hardware Health, and Asset Inventory
    10/9/2013 16:0763.234.242.12andyAre wildcards (event source) permitted when creating an event log monitor?
    10/9/2013 16: if you are investigating a problem, you could monitor event log as it's happening?
    10/9/2013 16:0874.193.64.139MattHarveyThanks for the info aLTeReGo
    10/9/2013 16:08146.23.65.195andreyaLTeReGoIs it going to be a presentation I see black screen
    10/9/2013 16:0867.79.13.41aLTeReGoWildcards are implied in the event description details field
    10/9/2013 16:0967.79.13.41CaraAndrey--please refresh the page
    10/9/2013 16:09205.167.198.122DrewIs there any plan to allow users access to view the realtime process and log viewers without giving them access to "start monitoring"?
    10/9/2013 16:0967.79.13.41aLTeReGoRhidianSyes, the Real-Time Event Log viewer is real-time. Thus allowing you to see Windows Events occur essentially as they are written to the log
    10/9/2013 16:0974.43.179.4jakeCan the asset inventory be linked with Web Helpdesk?
    10/9/2013 16:09146.23.65.195andreyThanks!
    10/9/2013 16:0967.79.13.41Caraif you have missed any of the presentation it will be available directly after for your viewing pleasure (just scroll down this page to the video player in the day 2 schedule)
    10/9/2013 16:1067.79.13.41aLTeReGojakeinformation from SAM's asset inventory could theoretically be mapped to Web Helpdesk fields.
    10/9/2013 16:1074.43.179.4jakeThats what I hoped as it works from sccm.
    10/9/2013 16:1174.43.179.4jakebut they do not have a aLTeReGo on their team so support is limited
    10/9/2013 16:1163.234.242.12andyIn the case of SQL with multiple instances, an event ID monitor looking for source MSSQL% would be helpful.
    10/9/2013 16:1267.79.13.41aLTeReGoandyThis is handled natively within AppInsight for SQL. No need to configure anything additional for Windows Events.
    10/9/2013 16:1299.116.243.6frankcan asset inventory be enabled globally for those devices that do not have it enabled?
    10/9/2013 16:1374.43.179.4jakerescan devices I think and add them after discovery
    10/9/2013 16:1374.43.179.4jakerescan=discover
    10/9/2013 16:13146.23.65.195andreyIs it possible to update BIOS like HSIM does ?
    10/9/2013 16:1367.79.13.41aLTeReGofrankAsset Inventory is automatically enabled for all hosts that support it. This is true for upgrades, as well as new installations
    10/9/2013 16:13146.23.65.195andreyHPSIM
    10/9/2013 16:1467.79.13.41aLTeReGofrankIf for any reason it does not enable itself you can force a rediscovery through the one-time Network Sonar Discovery Wizard, which will enable asset inventory for all nodes that are discovered. Even those that already exist and are monitored by Orion.
    10/9/2013 16:1574.43.179.4jakethats a cool feature for sure
    10/9/2013 16:1663.234.242.12andyIdeally, if budget wasn't an issue appinsight would be applied to all SQL. In reality appinsight everywhere won't be possible.
    10/9/2013 16:1767.79.13.41aLTeReGoandyIf you have a smaller SAM license that's understandable. However, if you have an unlimited [ALX] license then it's almost a no-brainer. [Emotion=emsmile.gif]
    10/9/2013 16:1863.234.242.12andyof course but alas we aren't there yet [Emotion=emsad.gif]
    10/9/2013 16:19173.13.67.184Stevelove app insight .. increased to ALX just to get the DBA's happy
    10/9/2013 16:2069.30.53.222byronaWhen you upgrade to the new version of SAM that includes AppInsight will it automatically be turned on everywhere applicable or is that something I need to go back and do?
    10/9/2013 16:2174.193.64.139MattHarveybyrona, not that I found in our environment, but it's easy to activate through manage templates
    10/9/2013 16:2163.234.242.12andyI love it, Operations manager loved the functionality as do the DBAs. On the engineering side of the house however, the drums beat for SCOM...
    10/9/2013 16:2167.79.13.41aLTeReGobyronaAppInsight is not enabled by default. You will need to perform a "List Resources", "Add Node", or Network Sonar Discovery scan to enable AppInsight for SQL
    10/9/2013 16:2167.79.13.41aLTeReGoandyWhy does engineering have an affinity for SCOM?
    10/9/2013 16:2169.30.53.222byronaaLTeReGoOk, thanks, that is what I was hoping for!
    10/9/2013 16:2274.43.179.4jakecan  you set the fragmentation threshold for specific tables?
    10/9/2013 16:22167.216.131.126ManhaakQuestion on Web console....Can we have two web servers and have users connect to it via load balancer(network or DNS) do you see any issues in here...
    10/9/2013 16:2274.43.179.4jakeScom integrates with sharepoint nicely
    10/9/2013 16:2267.79.13.41aLTeReGoandyDo they also like sharp sticks stabbed in their eyes? [Emotion=emwink.gif]
    10/9/2013 16:2363.234.242.12andyaLTeReGoArchitects have previous experience with SCOM, and we are in the midst of a large scale influx of MS technologies. New EA to kick of the migration from Novell and Domino services.
    10/9/2013 16:2367.79.13.41aLTeReGojakein what was do they have SCOM integrated with Sharepoint? Monitoring SharePoint, or viewing SCOM report data through the SharePoint portal?
    10/9/2013 16:2463.234.242.12andyaLTeReGoI to have experience with it, and it doesn't mesh well with all tech and all operations service functions.
    10/9/2013 16:2567.79.13.41aLTeReGojake*ways* not was
    10/9/2013 16:2563.234.242.12andyThe common statement MS integrates with MS well.
    10/9/2013 16:2574.43.179.4jakeyou can view in sharepoint, make a dashboard
    10/9/2013 16:2563.226.32.16ecklerwr1I've integrated lots of resources from NPM into Sharepoint... I don't understand liking SCOM either.
    10/9/2013 16:2563.234.242.12andyI've pulled a lot of data from Solarwinds, into sharepoint or just a generic web page...
    10/9/2013 16:2674.43.179.4jaketake data from SAM and make a graph in sharepoint?
    10/9/2013 16:2763.226.32.16ecklerwr1dashboards in Sharepoint with NPM detached resouces in them.  I mean except for standard open web standards there isn't some custom connector from SCOM to Sharepoint is there?
    10/9/2013 16:2763.226.32.16ecklerwr1graphs, reports, excel spreadsheets from NPM.
    10/9/2013 16:2874.43.179.4jakeyou install the web part
    10/9/2013 16:2874.193.64.139MattHarveyI keep getting and EXECUTE permission denied to 'xp_readerrorlog' on the SQL Server Events for the AppInsight. I've tried about everything I know in SQL with permissions to resolve, but doesn't seem to help.
    10/9/2013 16:2867.79.13.41aLTeReGoecklerwr1I ran SCOM for 5 years (against my will) before joining SolarWinds, so I know first hand the pain and frustration associated with it. Unfortunately it's the belief of those higher up the food chain that if it came from Microsoft it must work better than other solutions with other Microsoft stuff. What they fail to realize is that SCOM was an acquisition, and not a natively developed product from Microsoft. As such it's suffered terribly from mismanagement, poor integration, and lack of investment.
    10/9/2013 16:2963.234.242.12andyhere here!
    10/9/2013 16:2963.226.32.16ecklerwr1And if you think about it Orion is one big web part...
    10/9/2013 16:3167.79.13.41aLTeReGoMattHarveyThe minimum SQL permissions required to use AppInsight for SQL are as follows:\nMust be a member of the db_datareader role on the msdb system database.\nMust have VIEW SERVER STATE\nView any definition.\nConnect permission to Master database.\nExecute permission on the Xp_readerrorlog\nConnect permission to the Msdb\nMust be member of db_datareader role in the Msdb\nConnect permission to all databases.
    10/9/2013 16:3167.79.13.41aLTeReGoMattHarveyIt sounds like your "Execute permissions" on the "Xp_readerrorlog" are not set correctly.
    10/9/2013 16:3267.79.13.41aLTeReGoMattHarveyTry using SA or equivalent to eliminate permissions as being the cause of the issue. you can do this solely for testing and then go back and work with your permissions if that is in fact the root cause of the issue.
    10/9/2013 16:3374.193.64.139MattHarveythanks, I'll see what I can figure out.
    10/9/2013 16:3374.43.179.4jakeAlterego has a guide with the sql script to give the user proper permissions somewhere online
    10/9/2013 16:3367.79.13.41aLTeReGojakeCorrect. it's also available in the Administrator Guide
    10/9/2013 16:3474.43.179.4jake
    10/9/2013 16:3474.193.64.139MattHarveyI'll check it out and see about running it, thanks guys
    10/9/2013 16:3567.79.13.41aLTeReGojakesimply execute the script, replace the user name with the user you defined to run AppInsight for SQL and it will grant that user ONLY the specific permissions required for AppInsight for SQL to work.
    10/9/2013 16:3574.43.179.4jakecorrect me if im wrong but it has to be a local sql user right>?
    10/9/2013 16:3667.79.13.41aLTeReGojakeHas anyone here NOT upgraded yet to SAM 6.0? If so, why not?
    10/9/2013 16:3674.193.64.139MattHarveyI've been using a Windows Service account and it seems to be working jake
    10/9/2013 16:3663.226.32.16ecklerwr1yes I believe so Jake... local sql account
    10/9/2013 16:3674.43.179.4jakeyea I couldnt get it with ms, so i just created the user named appinsightuser lolk
    10/9/2013 16:3663.226.32.16ecklerwr1An if sa can't do it nothing can probably
    10/9/2013 16:3774.43.179.4jakemaybe a hacker
    10/9/2013 16:3763.226.32.16ecklerwr1ie. something else is wrong ;^}
    10/9/2013 16:39118.209.171.97ShuthNot sure if I can ask this here as this isn't for SAM/AppInsight question but more of a reporting question (I didn't have the question during yesterdays reporting session).\nIs it possible to have a report change the text colour based on a value? i.e. show a list of interfaces with their bandwidth data and highlight the ones that are above X%?
    10/9/2013 16:4063.226.32.16ecklerwr1Did you:  The following script will configure permissions: \nUSE master\nGRANT VIEW SERVER STATE TO AppInsightUser\nGRANT VIEW ANY DEFINITION TO AppInsightUser\nEXEC sp_adduser @loginame = 'AppInsightUser' ,@name_in_db = 'AppInsightUser'\nGRANT EXECUTE ON xp_readerrorlog TO AppInsightUser\nUSE msdb\nEXEC sp_adduser @loginame = 'AppInsightUser' ,@name_in_db = 'AppInsightUser'\nEXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_datareader', N'AppInsightUser'\nEXECUTE sp_MSforeachdb 'USE [?]; EXEC sp_adduser @loginame  = ''AppInsightUser'', @name_in_db = ''AppInsightUser'''
    10/9/2013 16:4063.226.32.16ecklerwr1that was for jake
    10/9/2013 16:4267.79.13.41aLTeReGoShuthI don't believe that is possible, though you can include status icons in the new web based report writer which will reflect the appropriate status based on warning/critical threshold
    10/9/2013 16:43118.209.171.97ShuthaLTeReGoCheers - I'll give it a shot
    10/9/2013 16:4599.116.243.6frankmay have missed the reply. but with the ability to view an event log and turn it into a component alert, is this also possible with the services view? I have not had the ability to try this, but it would be great to monitor services across the monitored environment.
    10/9/2013 16:4767.79.13.41aLTeReGoShuthYes, you can click "Start Monitoring" from within the Service Control Manager to create a Windows Service Monitor for that selected server so it is continually monitored and you receive status/performance alerts
    10/9/2013 16:5167.79.13.41aLTeReGofrankI'm convinced Frank is a very slow typer... He's been "typing a message" for 20 minutes now. [Emotion=emwink.gif]
    10/9/2013 16:5199.116.243.6frankI like the way you are progressing with SolarWinds, I tend to like the product a whole lot better than when I started using it 4 years ago. I work for a hosting provider and have issues with SW in a hosted environment, IE, Exchange monitoring. Is SW looking to go to more of a cloud SAAS environ or still a console.
    10/9/2013 16:5299.116.243.6frankand yes beer typing
    10/9/2013 16:5467.79.13.41aLTeReGofrankI'm not sure you'll see Orion move to a SaaS based solution in the near term. You'll likely see Orion manage/monitor the cloud before we consider offering the solution as a cloud based offering
    10/9/2013 16:5567.79.13.41aLTeReGofrankI'm glad to hear that we're moving in the right direction. I think over the course of the next couple of releases you'll be even more pleased. [Emotion=emsmiled.gif]
    10/9/2013 16:5774.193.64.139MattHarveyany plans on being able to see the username that's being used to run a service on a target server?
    10/9/2013 16:5774.193.64.139MattHarveysomething that can be grabbed with the other metrics/stats with a service being monitored perhaps?
    10/9/2013 17:0067.79.13.41aLTeReGoMattHarveyI can't say I've heard this request before. Other than just being "good information" to have, what specific use case does it solve for you?
    10/9/2013 17:0167.79.13.41aLTeReGoMattHarveyeither way, I still recommend logging this as a Feature Request on Thwack so other users in the community can vote on this idea
    10/9/2013 17:0174.193.64.139MattHarveywe've got a few clients that want some reports showing what users are running specific services on servers.
    10/9/2013 17:0167.79.13.41aLTeReGoMattHarveyFair point
    10/9/2013 17:0174.193.64.139MattHarveynot sure if it's for sanity checks perhaps to ensure the services are all running with the correct user
    10/9/2013 17:0399.116.243.6frankI was asked a question by a user, but not sure if this is NPM, when you go to home view and see the list, is it possible to add a notation to the list? For example, if I have my grouping by what ever, is it possible for the top level to display information on the items below, for example2 I do not want to drill down into the folder tree, can I at the top level say that I have 50/80 (50 of 80 devices up) or something similar?
    10/9/2013 17:0867.79.13.41aLTeReGofrankSo you're looking for a summary/total for each group-by category?
    10/9/2013 17:1599.116.243.6frankso after much typing and erasing, basically yes, what is the status of the items below the top level directory, up / down / warning?
    10/9/2013 17:1799.116.243.6frankor so somewhat other status info I would like, he sneaks in.
    10/9/2013 17:1767.79.13.41aLTeReGofrankThis existed in Orion at one time (a long long time ago) but for reasons I'm not familiar with, this no longer exists. Likely because there are now many more statuses than simply up/down, and it became confusingly unclear what those numbers represented anymore.
    10/9/2013 17:1999.116.243.6frankno custom fields available. I understand as my programming abilities stopped at basic.
    10/9/2013 17:2199.116.243.6frankWell you have been a great help to me on Thwack and hope to continue to draw on your experience and assistance, but need to go. If you are in Houston will gladly get you a draft... take care.
    10/9/2013 17:2167.79.13.41aLTeReGofrankI was in Houston last night until midnight. Where were you? [Emotion=emteeth.gif]
    10/9/2013 17:2167.79.13.41Carathanks everyone for a GREAT second day!! Everyone here at SolarWinds is looking forward to tomorrow! Don't forget to complete the day 2 mission before noon tomorrow!
    10/9/2013 17:2299.116.243.6franklook the info. bye
    10/9/2013 17:2267.79.13.42sandipGood Night!