Version 1
    10/9/2013 14:0071.64.110.224LeonAdato
    10/9/2013 14:0071.64.110.224LeonAdatoIt has the official, REAL cat picture on slide 8.
    10/9/2013 14:0071.64.110.224LeonAdatoAccept no substitutes!
    10/9/2013 14:0071.64.110.224LeonAdato:-D
    10/9/2013 14: cheers
    10/9/2013 14:0171.64.110.224LeonAdatoI also have the deck from yesterday's "Large Enterprise" talk there.
    10/9/2013 14:0171.64.110.224LeonAdatoWith 2 bonus slides and the original graphics, including a nod to Shel Silverstein.
    10/9/2013 14:0571.64.110.224LeonAdatoThat is NOT the cat you are looking for.
    10/9/2013 14:06118.209.171.97ShuthNeed grumpy cat with a "NO!"
    10/9/2013 14:0667.79.13.42sandipGrumpy cat is not a SolarWinds asset ;-)
    10/9/2013 14:0671.64.110.224LeonAdatoYup, that's what I intended. Apparently meme's can be copyrighted.
    10/9/2013 14:0671.64.110.224LeonAdatoHey, they bought ConfIO on Monday. Maybe GrumpyCat's day is coming.
    10/9/2013 14: can see the next acquisition on the Solarwinds web page now ...
    10/9/2013 14:0766.112.206.6Chipdoes this affect the uptime reported in NPM?
    10/9/2013 14:0771.64.110.224LeonAdatoMute? nope.
    10/9/2013 14:0771.64.110.224LeonAdatothat's also the point.
    10/9/2013 14:07118.209.171.97ShuthA feature request for Grumpy Cat
    10/9/2013 14:0771.64.110.224LeonAdatoit's being MONITORED.
    10/9/2013 14:0867.79.13.42jkuvlesk1
    10/9/2013 14:0871.64.110.224LeonAdatoit's just not cutting ALERTS based on the key element state (node is up, application is critical, etc).
    10/9/2013 14:0898.230.147.131njoylifso do you have a custom alert page or how do you present info to your operations center?  b/c will show down in orion just not alerting right.
    10/9/2013 14:0871.64.110.224LeonAdatoI have custom reports to show node state.
    10/9/2013 14:0998.230.147.131njoylifcool, and just use that as like main view for Ops center
    10/9/2013 14:0971.64.110.224LeonAdatoAND you can modify things like "Nodes that are down" with a filter for "n_mute = no"
    10/9/2013 14:0971.64.110.224LeonAdatothe real answer is "it depends" - on which NOC view you mean.
    10/9/2013 14:0971.64.110.224LeonAdatobut the short answer is "yes".
    10/9/2013 14:0998.230.147.131njoylifthx
    10/9/2013 14:0971.64.110.224LeonAdatonp
    10/9/2013 14:1066.112.206.6Chipso if you are in a maintenance window and as we all know maintenance windows don't count against the 5 9's (as long as you stay within the window/sla), n_mute will only keep the alert from coming in. The uptime statistic will still be affected
    10/9/2013 14:1066.112.206.6Chipjust want to make sure I have my head wrapped around this correctly.
    10/9/2013 14:1071.64.110.224LeonAdatoyes. that's a good point.
    10/9/2013 14:1071.64.110.224LeonAdatoUnManage (I believe) will keep you in the 5-9's
    10/9/2013 14:1071.64.110.224LeonAdatoMute will not (if your downtime is long enough)
    10/9/2013 14:13118.209.171.97ShuthnjoylifIt may be my sleepiness... but Leon is starting to sound like Charlie in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia...
    10/9/2013 14:1371.64.110.224LeonAdatoI work remotely from the rest of my team. You can all hear why nobody wants to listen to me all day long...
    10/9/2013 14:13118.209.171.97Shuthoops, not meant just to you njoylif!
    10/9/2013 14:1471.64.110.224LeonAdatoon the other hand, I'm told it's kind of like sitting in the cube next to an IT-Muppet.
    10/9/2013 14:15118.209.171.97Shuthhaha - it's good to see (hear?) this kind of enthusiasm
    10/9/2013 14:16118.209.171.97Shuthtrying to show co-workers some of the stuff done in SolarWinds and its "yeah yeah whatever" -_-
    10/9/2013 14:1671.64.110.224LeonAdatoYeah, I hear you. My Director (boss' boss) reminds me "you can't sell ketchup popsicles to people wearing white gloves"
    10/9/2013 14:1864.128.22.8JonAnglissShuthI have the same issues... "Look at all these cool features"... "nice, and?"
    10/9/2013 14:1967.79.13.42jkuvleskso what your saying is you would like some ROI documentation, etc.?
    10/9/2013 14:2071.64.110.224LeonAdato(listen as Jennifer saves Leon's bacon by reminding him about the report he forgot to mention 10 minutes ago)
    10/9/2013 14:2067.79.13.42jkuvleskwe are working to develop RFP docs, etc. I'd love to get your feedback to make sure we are getting it right.  Please email me at if you would like to participate.
    10/9/2013 14:2171.64.110.224LeonAdatoHeh. Yeah. We're geeks, we don't speak RFP/ROI/EBT/Depreciation
    10/9/2013 14:2167.79.13.42jkuvleskI was right! you are hilarious
    10/9/2013 14:2171.64.110.224LeonAdatoOr if we do, we speak it as a second or third language
    10/9/2013 14:2171.64.110.224LeonAdatoYou know, after Perl, VBScript, and Klingon
    10/9/2013 14:2167.79.13.42jkuvleskgot it
    10/9/2013 14:2271.64.110.224LeonAdatoHere (in the prezzo) I'm talking about the "Ultimate CPU Alert":
    10/9/2013 14:2212.24.226.126SuperMonCan you sure a basic SQL query to update the custom propery?
    10/9/2013 14:2212.24.226.126SuperMonthats *Share
    10/9/2013 14:2271.64.110.224LeonAdatoMagically delicious, but too complicated to get into in the time given.
    10/9/2013 14:2371.64.110.224LeonAdatoyou mean running it right on the db server, or via the Orion SDK?
    10/9/2013 14:2371.64.110.224LeonAdatoI can show either, but I want to give you the right one.
    10/9/2013 14:23208.29.250.2AprilRThank you
    10/9/2013 14:2371.64.110.224LeonAdatoHats off the Jennifer for helping out.
    10/9/2013 14:23208.125.147.85kbottgreat presentation guys
    10/9/2013 14:2371.64.110.224LeonAdatoAnd it was WAY more awesome to work with her than Rob.
    10/9/2013 14:23118.209.171.97ShuthThanks to the both of you!
    10/9/2013 14:2371.64.110.224LeonAdato:-P
    10/9/2013 14:2367.79.13.42jkuvleskThanks Leon
    10/9/2013 14:2367.79.13.42jkuvleskCheck out this training video on using custom properties for account limitations.\n
    10/9/2013 14:2467.79.13.41CaraThanks Leon, great presentation! Anybody have some tough questions for Leon? He will be online until 3:30 pm CST
    10/9/2013 14:2472.37.249.52TerranceKennedyThat was awesome, thank you!
    10/9/2013 14:2467.79.13.42jkuvleskCheck out Leon’s Stop the Madness Tips and Tricks – \nThe Ultimate CPU alert
    10/9/2013 14:2512.24.226.126SuperMonI would most likely run it direcly againsts the DB
    10/9/2013 14: sounds like it would also be good for say when you are swapping from one ISP to another at an expected time and you want see through monitoring that it came back up as expected. Or any any expected change with in an SLA that you want to report on..
    10/9/2013 14:
    10/9/2013 14:2798.230.147.131njoylifthanks Leon.  great ingenuity.
    10/9/2013 14:2871.64.110.224LeonAdatogotcha. The SQL is going to be something like:
    10/9/2013 14:2971.64.110.224LeonAdatoUPDATE nodes\nset nodes.<propertyname> = 'blahblah'\nwhere <whatever your criteria is>
    10/9/2013 14:2971.64.110.224LeonAdatothank you!
    10/9/2013 14:29128.29.43.1jrchapmanthank your for the video and the thwack post.  CPU queue length is very valuable stat to incorporate into your alerting.
    10/9/2013 14:2971.64.110.224LeonAdato(njoylif
    10/9/2013 14:3071.64.110.224LeonAdatoRhidianSRhidianS - yes, that's another good use
    10/9/2013 14:3064.128.22.8JonAnglissGreat presentation, and interesting idea on the use of custom variables. Definitely need to implement it for some of our servers as they fluctuate right at the over/under mark for alerting on a regular basis.
    10/9/2013 14:3071.64.110.224LeonAdatojrchapmanYeah, the OPS guys (the ones who actually GET the high CPU alerts) were the ones who cued me onto it.
    10/9/2013 14:3067.79.13.42jkuvleskwelcome.  Another post on the topic of custom properties- using custom properties to integrate Google Maps -
    10/9/2013 14:3071.64.110.224LeonAdatojrchapmanbecause "high CPU, 3 processes waiting, 4 processes in the box" is called "you sized that server right!"
    10/9/2013 14:35216.37.63.186JoshAre point automatically applied after the quizzes?
    10/9/2013 14:3671.64.110.224LeonAdatojrchapmanSo tell me Josh, why are you REALLY here?
    10/9/2013 14:3671.64.110.224LeonAdatoYou mean it wasn't for my amazing radio voice?
    10/9/2013 14:3671.64.110.224LeonAdato:-(
    10/9/2013 14:3667.79.13.41CaraNo, they are not. They will be updated after the last day of thwackCamp
    10/9/2013 14:3666.112.206.6Chiplol
    10/9/2013 14:36216.37.63.186JoshLeon you presentation was awesome!!
    10/9/2013 14:3771.64.110.224LeonAdatoOh sure, butter me up now.
    10/9/2013 14:37216.37.63.186Joshthanks Cara.
    10/9/2013 14:3771.64.110.224LeonAdatoNews flash: it ain't gonna get you more points. Or faster.
    10/9/2013 14:3771.64.110.224LeonAdato:-P
    10/9/2013 14:37216.37.63.186Joshlol
    10/9/2013 14:3771.64.110.224LeonAdatoheh
    10/9/2013 14:372.27.145.98RhidianShaha
    10/9/2013 14:372.27.145.98RhidianSTwas a good presentation
    10/9/2013 14:3766.112.206.6ChipLeon, how long have you been working with products in the Solarwinds portfolio?
    10/9/2013 14:38216.37.63.186Joshyes I very much enjoyed it.
    10/9/2013 14:3871.64.110.224LeonAdatoSince 2004
    10/9/2013 14:3866.112.206.6Chipwow, almost a decade
    10/9/2013 14:3871.64.110.224LeonAdatoI also used "Kiwi CatTools" before it became NCM - actually, SOlarWinds first swipe at it was called "Cirrus"
    10/9/2013 14:3871.64.110.224LeonAdatoYeah. I'm ooooooolllllld!
    10/9/2013 14:3966.112.206.6Chiplol
    10/9/2013 14:3971.64.110.224LeonAdatoBeen working in IT since Windows came for free on 12 5.25" floppies when you bought your copy of Excel 1.0
    10/9/2013 14:3966.112.206.6Chipwhats excel 1.0?
    10/9/2013 14:3966.112.206.6Chip[Emotion=emwink.gif]
    10/9/2013 14:3971.64.110.224LeonAdatoThe version before the one that actually worked.
    10/9/2013 14:39118.209.171.97ShuthI've only been playing around with SolarWinds for about 2 years
    10/9/2013 14:3966.112.206.6Chipsame here Shuth
    10/9/2013 14:3971.64.110.224LeonAdatoYep, that was when Microsoft realized everyone bought it at 3.
    10/9/2013 14:3971.64.110.224LeonAdatothere was NO Excel 2.0
    10/9/2013 14:40192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaGreat job Leon
    10/9/2013 14:4066.112.206.6Chipmy exposure to it while working for the government was minimal and to my understanding it was developed a bit different just for them
    10/9/2013 14:4071.64.110.224LeonAdatoAlso worked with Tivoli, BMC Patrol, OpenView, Sitescope
    10/9/2013 14:4071.64.110.224LeonAdato...and Nagios, Shinken, Zenoss...
    10/9/2013 14:402.27.145.98RhidianSlevel platforms?
    10/9/2013 14:402.27.145.98RhidianS(Pre AVG!)
    10/9/2013 14:4071.64.110.224LeonAdatoProbably a few others, but they are lost in the mists of time.
    10/9/2013 14:4166.112.206.6ChipTivoli backup?
    10/9/2013 14:4271.64.110.224LeonAdatoNah, Tivoli Framework circa 1998-2002. - Inventory, Software distribution, Distributed monitoring, TEC
    10/9/2013 14:4266.112.206.6Chipgotcha
    10/9/2013 14:4271.64.110.224LeonAdatoThey *had* it in my current job, but that's what I (and my team) have been doing the last 8 months.
    10/9/2013 14:4271.64.110.224LeonAdato;-)
    10/9/2013 14:4566.112.206.6Chiphave you worked with monitoring xenserver with Solarwinds software?
    10/9/2013 14:4666.112.206.6Chipor anyone else here for that matter
    10/9/2013 14:46204.64.42.24BrianShuthya i would like some xen
    10/9/2013 14:46204.64.42.24BrianShuthi have done basic host monitoring..not the xen platform tho
    10/9/2013 14:4671.64.110.224LeonAdatoOne more time for the chat window, the full "Stop the Madness" series, which is where I first introduced this concept is:\n - muting\n - custom thresholds\n - using custom OIDS for alerts instead of SW built-in values
    10/9/2013 14:4771.64.110.224LeonAdatoGood question (xen)
    10/9/2013 14:4771.64.110.224LeonAdatoRight now, beyond the standard SAM templates, I haven't and I need to dig into it.
    10/9/2013 14:4766.112.206.6Chipwe are a full Xen shop so that has been a bit of a struggle for is
    10/9/2013 14:4766.112.206.6Chipus
    10/9/2013 14:4771.64.110.224LeonAdatothe question my Citrix team is asking is "we want to know when a user's session hangs - the server is up, Citrix is up, the session is "up" but it's not responding. Then we want to auto-magically move the user to a new session".
    10/9/2013 14:4866.112.206.6ChipI am not to sure that is even really possible...
    10/9/2013 14:48204.64.42.24BrianShuthheck, not even the citrix xenapp so much but the VM host
    10/9/2013 14:4871.64.110.224LeonAdatoThey can do it manually today, but we can't get the visibility from SolarWinds.
    10/9/2013 14:4871.64.110.224LeonAdatoRight now they are using SysTrack
    10/9/2013 14:4966.112.206.6Chipwe are using Citrix EdgeSight to monitor citrix services on citrix servers themselves.
    10/9/2013 14:4966.112.206.6Chiphoping to get SAM next calendar year (it's built into the capital budget, I made sure)
    10/9/2013 14:4966.112.206.6Chipbut our challenge with NPM is getting accurate statistics from the Xenserver hosts
    10/9/2013 14:4971.64.110.224LeonAdatowell I know that SAM can do the services piece, and I know that SW VirtualizationManage has just kicked it up several notches with regard to monitoring AND integration into teh whole SW suite.
    10/9/2013 14:4966.112.206.6Chipmaybe it's a matter of not using the baked in OID's
    10/9/2013 14:5066.112.206.6Chipthey still don't support XenServer
    10/9/2013 14:5071.64.110.224LeonAdatoVery possible.
    10/9/2013 14:5066.112.206.6ChipHyper-V and VMWare
    10/9/2013 14:5071.64.110.224LeonAdatoSomeone JUST posted a Citrix MIB to thwack the other day...
    10/9/2013 14:5071.64.110.224LeonAdato(sound of rummaging around, glass breaking, cat screetching...)
    10/9/2013 14:5066.112.206.6Chipwe are getting some good info from our netscalers via UndP
    10/9/2013 14:5066.112.206.6Chipreally, must have missed that one
    10/9/2013 14:5171.64.110.224LeonAdato
    10/9/2013 14:5171.64.110.224LeonAdatook, so by "other day" I mean "almost a month ago".
    10/9/2013 14:51204.64.42.24BrianShuthya i use udp for my netscalers too
    10/9/2013 14:53204.64.42.24Briandoh was doing private msg i assume ;
    10/9/2013 14:5371.64.110.224LeonAdatonope.
    10/9/2013 14:5371.64.110.224LeonAdatoTalk to really just puts their name in the message text
    10/9/2013 14:53204.64.42.24Brianahh ok
    10/9/2013 14:5366.112.206.6Chipwe're pulling SSLCurrentSessions on ours
    10/9/2013 14:5366.112.206.6Chipone thing I noticed when we put the netscaler virtual appliances in place was that out of the box memory and cpu wasn't monitored
    10/9/2013 14:5366.112.206.6Chiphad to set that up custom also
    10/9/2013 14:5566.112.206.6Chipgoing to get to work on that link you providing Leon, thanks
    10/9/2013 14:56204.64.42.24Brianoh ya..that page got a bookmark
    10/9/2013 14:57204.64.42.24Briani really like this thwackcamp (im a less than 6mo noobie in Orion) lots of great infomation for those of us thatonly have OJT as training options
    10/9/2013 14:59192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaOJT is how I learned
    10/9/2013 14:59156.98.4.11MoeCarai didnt take quiz day 1 and day 2. do you have those links?
    10/9/2013 14:59192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaCan be tough learning while supporting. That is where Thwack turned into a phenomenal resource
    10/9/2013 14:5963.226.32.16ecklerwr1this is day 2
    10/9/2013 14:5967.79.13.42sandipBrianAwesome!  Glad to hear it!
    10/9/2013 14:5967.79.13.41CaraUnfortunately day 1 is closed already!
    10/9/2013 15:0067.79.13.41Carabut you can still take Day 2!
    10/9/2013 15:0067.79.13.41Carait will be open until noon tomorrow October 10
    10/9/2013 15:00192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaWe had originally outsourced monitoring to a company that was using Solarwinds. We decided to bring it in house and I was the guy that got it.
    10/9/2013 15:0067.79.13.42sandipDay 2 Quiz:
    10/9/2013 15:00156.98.4.11MoeCaraThanks
    10/9/2013 15:00192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaJust got the same solution.
    10/9/2013 15:0067.79.13.42sandipCloses at 12noon CT tomorrow
    10/9/2013 15:01192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaWe needed more extensive alerting functionality, so we used Solarwinds in conjunction with a product called Attention
    10/9/2013 15:01156.98.4.11MoesandipThanks
    10/9/2013 15:04204.64.42.24Brianany mess with alert central much yet?
    10/9/2013 15:05204.64.42.24Brianive stood it up, have orion taking to it, etc..
    10/9/2013 15:05156.98.4.11MoeCaraNo way to win if u miss one day, right?
    10/9/2013 15:06204.64.42.24Brianbut im not sure the value just yet, our on calls already do escalations. I was trying to see if I could configure a Maint Window calendar
    10/9/2013 15:0667.79.13.42sandipMoeyou can win the daily prize, but not the grand prize
    10/9/2013 15:06156.98.4.11MoeCarai c
    10/9/2013 15:07118.209.171.97ShuthsandipI can't win any prize (non US/Canada resident)
    10/9/2013 15:07118.209.171.97ShuthsandipBut collect all the thwack points!
    10/9/2013 15:0771.64.110.224LeonAdatoScottSadlochawho was that company?
    10/9/2013 15:0771.64.110.224LeonAdatoScottSadlochaJust curious.
    10/9/2013 15:0871.64.110.224LeonAdatoShuthI know that SolarWinds can't mail internationally, but this is getting crazy! Is there any way "us guys" (meaning the thwack community) can't set up a shipping clearing house?
    10/9/2013 15:0971.64.110.224LeonAdatoShuthYou win the prize, you put my address as the ship-to, you paypal me the shipping from US to <over the rainbow>, I send it to you.
    10/9/2013 15:09118.209.171.97ShuthLeonAdatoPretty sure it's to do with gambling/competition/laws
    10/9/2013 15:0971.64.110.224LeonAdatoShuthSRSLY?
    10/9/2013 15:0971.64.110.224LeonAdatoShuthFor a ThwackPack?!?
    10/9/2013 15:09118.209.171.97ShuthLeonAdatoYeah - it's why most contests in the US have that resident stipulation
    10/9/2013 15:10118.209.171.97ShuthLeonAdatoOhhh, the thwack store limitation is purely shipping costs aren't feasible
    10/9/2013 15:1071.64.110.224LeonAdatoShuthSometimes I wish I had taken the Spanish government up on their offer in '98. 2 years and I'd be a citizen.
    10/9/2013 15:1071.64.110.224LeonAdatoShuthoh, ok.
    10/9/2013 15:10118.209.171.97ShuthLeonAdatoFor stuff like the flying drone, etc, need to be in the US
    10/9/2013 15:1071.64.110.224LeonAdatoShuththen my idea holds.
    10/9/2013 15:1167.79.13.41CaraLeon, that's a great idea
    10/9/2013 15:11118.209.171.97ShuthLeonAdatoThere's also a whole bunch of companies that forward mail for US only shipping
    10/9/2013 15:1171.64.110.224LeonAdatoShuthOk. Tell you what - you win the drone, we'll burn that bridge when we get to it.
    10/9/2013 15:11118.209.171.97ShuthLeonAdatolol - take over the world with the drone
    10/9/2013 15:1171.64.110.224LeonAdatoCaraWhgat, becoming a SPanish citizen?
    10/9/2013 15:1167.79.13.41Carasending to you first then over-seas!
    10/9/2013 15:1271.64.110.224LeonAdatoCara?Por Que, este vamos una Citizen Espaniola?
    10/9/2013 15:1271.64.110.224LeonAdatoCara(apologies to anyone who ACTUALLY speaks Spanish. I clearly don't)
    10/9/2013 15:1267.79.13.41CaraI wish I could be a citizen of Spain
    10/9/2013 15:12204.64.42.24Brian[Emotion=emteeth.gif]
    10/9/2013 15:1271.64.110.224LeonAdatoCaraAre you Sephardi?
    10/9/2013 15:1371.64.110.224LeonAdatoCaraSpain has decided to offer automatic citizenship to anyone who can successfully prove their Sephardi origins.\n
    10/9/2013 15:1367.79.13.41CaraNope. Ashkenazi
    10/9/2013 15:1467.79.13.41Carawow, that's awesome though. too bad :/
    10/9/2013 15:1471.64.110.224LeonAdatoCaraSelicha
    10/9/2013 15:1467.79.13.41Carahaha
    10/9/2013 15:2767.79.13.41CaraT-33 minutes until the next session!
    10/9/2013 15:2867.79.13.41Caradon't forget to take today's daily challenge to win a Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB!
    10/9/2013 15:32208.57.0.134Jamestoo bad I didn't get yesterdays challenge done
    10/9/2013 15:3267.79.13.41CaraYou can still win today's prize!
    10/9/2013 15:32208.57.0.134Jamesic
    10/9/2013 15:3774.43.179.4jakeanyone know if the purchase of Confio will be bringing us any new features as far as sql monitoring goes with SAM?
    10/9/2013 15:37173.13.67.184Stevejust got mine done .. classic noob cube
    10/9/2013 15:3867.79.13.41CaraHey Everyone, we have aLTeReGo online with us, the product manager for Server and Application Manager--so make sure to ask him some challenging questions!!
    10/9/2013 15:38173.13.67.184SteveHello Alterego
    10/9/2013 15:3967.79.13.41aLTeReGoThere is already significant common functionality between Confio for SQL and SAM's AppInsight for SQL. Was there some feature/function in particular that is missing from AppInsight for SQL that's in Confio you're looking for
    10/9/2013 15:4074.43.179.4jakeTheir views just looked nicer in the demo video, reminded me of vman or stman views
    10/9/2013 15:4167.79.13.41aLTeReGoThe first rule of Thwack Camp is NOT to avoid asking aLTeReGo difficult questions [Emotion=emteeth.gif]
    10/9/2013 15:41173.13.67.184Steveso any news news for future appinsight monitors ?
    10/9/2013 15:4267.79.13.41aLTeReGoThere will be shortly.. I'd be posting it right now, but instead I'm attending Thwack Camp [Emotion=emsmiled.gif]
    10/9/2013 15:4274.43.179.4jakelol
    10/9/2013 15:4267.79.13.41Caraand we are so happy that you are here, alterego!!
    10/9/2013 15:43173.13.67.184Stevewell much as I would love for you to attend camp ... feel free to post :-)
    10/9/2013 15:4471.64.110.224LeonAdatoaLTeReGoI'm not sure I even understand if I'm SUPPOSED to ask difficult questions, or NOT.
    10/9/2013 15:4471.64.110.224LeonAdatoaLTeReGoBut you probably meant to do that.
    10/9/2013 15:4571.64.110.224LeonAdatoaLTeReGoOn ConfIO, I think one of the key values is the ability to easily (read: without ODBC) monitor Oracle and DB2
    10/9/2013 15:4671.64.110.224LeonAdatoaLTeReGoEspecially those of us with multiple pollers, and many MANY datbase servers, with many many MANY instances
    10/9/2013 15:4671.64.110.224LeonAdatoaLTeReGoThe ability to make a JDBC connection was very nice.
    10/9/2013 15:4667.79.13.41aLTeReGoAgreed. Confio does an excellent job of monitoring other database servers beyond just SQL. Oracle, Sybase, DB2.
    10/9/2013 15:4771.64.110.224LeonAdatoaLTeReGoOn the SQL front, unfortunately my DBA team is SO MUCH a fan of ConfIO that I couldn't get them to look at SAM 6 in beta or RC.
    10/9/2013 15:4771.64.110.224LeonAdatoaLTeReGoMaybe now they'll let me sit at the cool kids' table in the cafeteria.
    10/9/2013 15:4771.64.110.224LeonAdatoaLTeReGoNow if I can just get myself out of this locker the shoved me into again.
    10/9/2013 15:4871.64.110.224LeonAdatoaLTeReGoIt's a good thing I know how to type sideways and there's good wifi in this part of the building.
    10/9/2013 15:4967.79.13.41aLTeReGoIf you already own SAM, enabling AppInsight for SQL in addition to Confio might give you the best of both worlds
    10/9/2013 15:4974.43.179.4jakeWhy does the measurement of CPU time for some virtual machines differ, occasionally, very significantly depending on whether you are looking at VMware's performance monitoring, SolarWinds or Window's statistics?  Which is right?
    10/9/2013 15:4974.43.179.4jakethat was a question from a sys admin here
    10/9/2013 15:49207.133.76.245bsnickleLeonAdatoam i the only one without audio right now?
    10/9/2013 15:5067.79.13.41CaraThe presentation has not started yet, so nothing to listen to!
    10/9/2013 15:5067.79.13.41CaraYou should hear the countdown which will start in 5 minutes
    10/9/2013 15:5067.79.13.41aLTeReGoYour DBA's can continue to use their own tools, but the rest of the IT team can enjoy having some visibility into the database server performance to see how that relates to the rest of the IT infrastructure being monitored by Orion
    10/9/2013 15:5067.79.13.41Caraif you don't hear anything when that starts please refresh the page
    10/9/2013 15:50207.133.76.245bsnicklethanks.. just joined today, so didn't know if I had a problem...
    10/9/2013 15:5171.64.110.224LeonAdatobsnickleThe only audio you should hear is the "doo-bee-doo" when someone posts an IM.
    10/9/2013 15:5267.79.13.41aLTeReGojakeCPU samples are taken at different intervals, and at different times. This is the most likely reason why you would see differing values across different products or monitoring tools
    10/9/2013 15:5271.64.110.224LeonAdatobsnickleand then only if you click the little speaker icon right above your chat typey-box.
    10/9/2013 15:5271.64.110.224LeonAdatobsnickle(if I lose you with these technical terms, just stop me)
    10/9/2013 15:5374.43.179.4jake@Alterego SAM uses wmi querys to pull the cpu data right?
    10/9/2013 15:5371.64.110.224LeonAdatojakeWe just had this discussion the other day. "Why did SolarWinds Eat My CPU?!?"
    10/9/2013 15:5371.64.110.224LeonAdatojake(with nod to ""
    10/9/2013 15:5471.64.110.224LeonAdatojake1) the single "average CPU" is the mathematical average of the individual CPU metrics (assuming the box has multiple CPU's)
    10/9/2013 15:5471.64.110.224LeonAdatojakeSince the perception of CPU from the ESX blade is different than the "CPU's" allocated to the VM, your numbers will differ WILDLY in that regard.
    10/9/2013 15:5471.64.110.224LeonAdatojakeNot to mention the whole math thing.
    10/9/2013 15:5471.64.110.224LeonAdatojakeAlso, other tools may grab different OIDS.
    10/9/2013 15:5471.64.110.224LeonAdatojakeIN just the SNMP world, you have the CPU average 1-minute, 5-minute and 15 minute.
    10/9/2013 15:5567.79.13.41aLTeReGojakeSAM uses WMI or SNMP, depending how the node is managed in Orion
    10/9/2013 15:5574.43.179.4jakehaha, who do I tell my guys to trust? Solarwinds or VSphere?
    10/9/2013 15:5571.64.110.224LeonAdatojakeIs the tool grabbing the "real" metric, the 1 min average 5 times and averaging THAT, or the 5 min average?
    10/9/2013 15:5571.64.110.224LeonAdatojakeetc.
    10/9/2013 15:5671.64.110.224LeonAdatojakeIn the words of our Performance and Capacity guru, it doesn't matter that different tools offer different results. It only matters that we pick ONE tool as our "source of truth" and that the chosen tool uses industry-accepted methods for gathering the metrics. Then you simply believe THAT number, and use any other tool as a cross-check, forensic, or "nice to know".
    10/9/2013 15:5774.43.179.4jake@LeonAdato I just copied your last message and will be sending that to our data center team.
    10/9/2013 15:5974.43.179.4jakeSAM collects every, ten minutes right? By default
    10/9/2013 15:5967.79.13.41aLTeReGoThe only value I consider to be "Real" is the value as returned by the operating system that's being monitored. That's my opinion. If the CPU is 100% on the virtual machine (from the perspective of the OS) then anything else requesting CPU resources on that VM is essentially blocked, regardless of what vSphere thinks.