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    10/9/2013 9:0062.209.223.226peter.krutyLeonAdatoGlad to meet beta-tester of SEUM!
    10/9/2013 9:0262.209.223.226peter.krutyRobare these your custom apps or 3rd party apps to monitor?
    10/9/2013 9:0270.60.60.200RobOracle E-Business and custom apps
    10/9/2013 9:0367.79.13.41CaraHey Everyone, we have peter.kruty in the chat!! Give him a challenging question, lets see how he does in his first day of thwackCamp!!
    10/9/2013 9:0362.209.223.226peter.krutyRob
    10/9/2013 9:0462.209.223.226peter.krutyguys, do you use WPM with Citrix XenApp and if yes, what applications do you monitor?
    10/9/2013 9:0571.64.110.224LeonAdatoWRT Citrix, the one problem we want to solve right now is "what is the user's experience of a specific session right now?"
    10/9/2013 9:0671.64.110.224LeonAdatoFor example, the server is up, Citrix is running, the session for Leon is running, but it's hung.
    10/9/2013 9:0671.64.110.224LeonAdatoFirst, we want to know the plane crashed.
    10/9/2013 9:0671.64.110.224LeonAdatoSecond, we want to be able to move the user to a new plane
    10/9/2013 9:0671.64.110.224LeonAdatoThe Citrix guys can do it manually, but our monitoring can't detect it, and therefore we can't deal with it.
    10/9/2013 9:0671.64.110.224LeonAdatoThat may be WAY out of this wheelhouse though.
    10/9/2013 9:0771.64.110.224LeonAdato(but you said "Citrix" so I thought I'd fire it out there.
    10/9/2013 9:0862.209.223.226peter.krutyyea, so you want to know about the problem so, you Citrix guys can fix it asap
    10/9/2013 9:0871.64.110.224LeonAdatoor automate the fix.
    10/9/2013 9:0871.64.110.224LeonAdatobut yes.
    10/9/2013 9:0962.209.223.226peter.krutyinteresting idea, does WPM has part in the automation or it's outside of transaction?
    10/9/2013 9:1162.209.223.226peter.krutyRobfor those custome apps do you develop them in-house or have a 3rd party do that for you?
    10/9/2013 9:1170.60.60.200RobIn house dev team
    10/9/2013 9:1262.209.223.226peter.krutyRobI see and how your developers use WPM perf. data?
    10/9/2013 9:1470.60.60.200RobOur initial focus will not be on apps in development or enhancement.  Rather end-to-end monitoring of production apps.
    10/9/2013 9: company participated in some beta testing of WPM, and one of the requests we put through was to add support for variables when recording the transactions.
    10/9/2013 9:1562.209.223.226peter.krutyRobmake sense, do you also use some other tools with WPM for the monitoring?
    10/9/2013 9: instance, we have one transaction for our customer reporting application.  It would be unbelievably useful to have a variable so we can say use date range "today - 3 days".
    10/9/2013 9:1570.60.60.200RobNPM and SAM.  I'm not involved in that
    10/9/2013 9:1562.209.223.226peter.krutyStevenMCan you tell me more, how would you like to use it?
    10/9/2013 9: anyone know if that request has a future in WPM?
    10/9/2013 9:1662.209.223.226peter.krutyStevenMoh you did .. so would you use it only for time and date or anything else?
    10/9/2013 9:, initially it would be useful for date/time.  If there was an option to provide user defined variables we could also use that to determine different devices we could runa report for.
    10/9/2013 9:1762.209.223.226peter.krutyStevenMWhat about formatting of the date? What actual format would you need?
    10/9/2013 9:, primarily our reporting platform uses the date as "yyyy-mm-dd"
    10/9/2013 9:1862.209.223.226peter.krutyRobMay I ask how many transactions do you plan to have or did you already deployed them all?
    10/9/2013 9: we have to manually update the transaction about every month so that we utilize recent dates in the report.
    10/9/2013 9:1970.60.60.200RobWe haven't launched yet (just purchased the product).  We've estimated initial use at about 20 transactions across 5 locations each.
    10/9/2013 9:21204.60.84.2EvanI also agree that there should be user defined variables.
    10/9/2013 9:2162.209.223.226peter.krutyStevenMmake sense, so some kind of macro, which could be formatted - possibly with format like printf() - and some date and time arithmetics would do the job
    10/9/2013 9:2262.209.223.226peter.krutyEvancan you tell me more, why they would be useful for you?
    10/9/2013 9:2262.209.223.226peter.krutyEvanand what kind of variables
    10/9/2013 9:2362.209.223.226peter.krutyEvanguys, are you using Amazon cloud for monitoring? How does it work for you?
    10/9/2013 9:2462.209.223.226peter.krutythat was meant for everyone -- are you using Amazon cloud for monitoring? How does it work for you?
    10/9/2013 9:24204.60.84.2EvanA lot of this comes down to being able to make different decisions based on output of a step.  If I can change the following URL based on the results from that step, that would help tremendously
    10/9/2013 9:, that would likely do the job. Having options for formatting would be useful, so if our Development team creates a new format for another app we have the potential to monitor those as well.
    10/9/2013 9:25204.60.84.2EvanSometimes, I would rather not fail a step, rather, take a different path
    10/9/2013 9:2562.209.223.226peter.krutyEvanso some kind of conditional logic and how taking a different path would help you?
    10/9/2013 9: agree with Evan as well, having some simple logic such as "if X happens, do Y, else Z" would open up some options for WPM
    10/9/2013 9:2662.209.223.226peter.krutyStevenMCan you tell me example how you would use it please?
    10/9/2013 9:26204.60.84.2EvanI could see WPM be augmented to also be used as a regression test tool, given additional logic.
    10/9/2013 9: some of our reports, if we see an error on output, we could perform another action on the page.  Or if we do not see output for a report, we could kick off another report to determine if it was a one-off issue.
    10/9/2013 9:29204.60.84.2EvanCarapeter - I like that example.  We could use that as well
    10/9/2013 9: manager would also love to see WPM be able to support our device activation process.  When we tried it previously there were too many times where it couldn't correct itself for simple choices on the screen.  So if it could make those simple choices (if you see text "X" do this, if you see text "Y" do that) we could add some more transaction monitoring as well.
    10/9/2013 9:29204.60.84.2Evanpeter - I like that example. We could use that as well
    10/9/2013 9:3062.209.223.226peter.krutyStevenMso double-checking the transaction, maybe a second try. What kind of error you have in mind, after you would like to do another action and what action would it be?
    10/9/2013 9:314.21.41.130StevenMpeter.krutyWe have a variety of error codes that can be thrown should something happen to a report. Each code provides different output to the end user, and essentially means the process could have broken down in any number of places.
    10/9/2013 9:324.21.41.130StevenMpeter.krutyFor instance, if we tried running a report that has to reach out to certain database systems, upon failure we could kick off a different report that hits another system to see if there is a database specific issue or if it is perhaps front end.
    10/9/2013 9:3262.209.223.226peter.krutyhow would you deal with the recording of condition? Sometimes it is present sometime not, for example how would you record error. Since recorder is interactive to make it very easy to record, you would have to be able to trigger that error, so you can record it.. what do you think?
    10/9/2013 9:3462.209.223.226peter.krutyJust thinking .. it's a bit tricky
    10/9/2013 9:3467.79.13.42sandipThanks everyone for joining this morning's session.  Peter will stay on for another 15mins to answer any questions you still have
    10/9/2013 9:354.21.41.130StevenMpeter.krutyI agree, it is tricky :). It might work if we could specify the error text to look for (since we control the output text of the error). And once you hit that logic step in the transaction it would check for that text.
    10/9/2013 9:354.21.41.130StevenMpeter.krutyIf the text is there, go down path B, if it is not, continue down path A.
    10/9/2013 9:364.21.41.130StevenMI have to step away for a moment, but shall return.
    10/9/2013 9:3762.209.223.226peter.krutyStevenMwould you mind to share your email address with me, so we can discuss this also offline? or just drop me a message on whatever works for you
    10/9/2013 9:4062.209.223.226peter.krutyit would be good to have a real app, example where we can model the conditionals. I can see it work for simple error handling (for example: you got a random modal window, then click OK to get rid of it and continue in transaction), but for more complex branching , I don't see how to record it, other then do scripting. But I'd love to see real examples!
    10/9/2013 9:4162.209.223.226peter.krutybtw. what is your longest transaction? Anyone over 50 steps?
    10/9/2013 9:4188.96.183.221garrethcolemansandip - Some of these questions are going to easier to explain by showing participants than answering in written form, could I suggest you consider this option for this session and perhaps pass this feedback on to other presenters for future ThwackCamp sessions please?
    10/9/2013 9:424.21.41.130StevenMpeter.krutyPeter, just sent you an e-mail. Also I think our longest transaction is 11 or 12 steps.
    10/9/2013 9:4365.192.236.140JPaulIs anyone having issues with java applets causing changes in the recording
    10/9/2013 9:4465.192.236.140JPaulIn particular, causing playback to do a local RDP
    10/9/2013 9:4462.209.223.226peter.krutyStevenMThanks! Let's follow-up offline.
    10/9/2013 9:4462.209.223.226peter.krutyStevenMWhat kind of changes? Can you be more specific please?
    10/9/2013 9:4467.79.13.15Renethanks for the recommendation garrethcoleman, I will make a note for next year's thwackCamp!
    10/9/2013 9:4562.209.223.226peter.krutyStevenMops sorry, that was for JPaul
    10/9/2013 9:4562.209.223.226peter.krutyJPaulWhat kind of changes? Can you be more specific please?
    10/9/2013 9:4665.192.236.140JPaulinserting wait states and playing back at a player ... it tries to open an RDP session and fails
    10/9/2013 9:4765.192.236.140JPaulnone of our other transaction do this... just this one
    10/9/2013 9:4862.209.223.226peter.krutyJPaulDoes it work fine when you use try RDP from IE on the player machine?
    10/9/2013 9:4862.209.223.226lukascernyJPaulIf there is any kind of interaction with Java applet in transaction the player uses RDP session for the playback, as otherwise we are unable to get a screenshot of the java applet and also since for java playback the player needs to move the mouse over the applet it needs to be done in an interactive session.
    10/9/2013 9:4965.192.236.140JPaulThe transaction does not need RDP we do not have that as a part of the recording
    10/9/2013 9:5062.209.223.226peter.krutyJPaulI see, got it now
    10/9/2013 9:5062.209.223.226lukascernyJPaulActually if as part of the transaction there is an interaction with the Java applet it does need the RDP session for playback
    10/9/2013 9:5165.192.236.140JPaulwe are executing from within IE, no RDP necessary
    10/9/2013 9:5465.192.236.140JPaulit playsback fine from the recording playback but not at the player
    10/9/2013 9:55205.167.198.122Nathansorry about the late response.  We had a transaction over 50 steps.  I believe it was 52 steps.  We have since then broke it up into multiple monitors.
    10/9/2013 9:5662.209.223.226peter.krutyJPaulNathan: so far you're the winner with 52
    10/9/2013 9:5665.192.236.140JPaulI think you got the wron guy
    10/9/2013 9:5662.209.223.226peter.krutyJPaulI'm thinking if this might be something to discuss offline, if you wish drop me an email on
    10/9/2013 9:5662.209.223.226peter.krutyJPaulyea, sorry about that
    10/9/2013 9:5765.192.236.140JPaulok
    10/9/2013 9:5762.209.223.226peter.krutyNathanso far you are the winner with 52
    10/9/2013 10:0162.209.223.226lukascernyJPaulSo let me explain in a different way. Java transactions require a bit special handling for the playback. For example, screenshot of applet can't be taken directly in the session where typical playback is performed. When played in the recorder, you are playing it back as a user in an interactive session of the operating system. However, typical transactions on player are played back in a service session where we can't move the mouse (as there is not any) and also can't get screenshot of the java applet. So as there are special requirement for the playback of these transactions. Player start and RDP session, which is an interactive session, and plays the java transaction in the RDP session. There we can move the mouse as well as take screenshot of the java applet.
    10/9/2013 10:0662.209.223.226peter.krutyJPaulHey guys, thanks for the great questions and ideas. Above you can find my email, so if you wish feel free to contact me!
    10/9/2013 10:0762.209.223.226peter.krutyHey guys, thanks for the great questions and ideas. Above you can find my email, so if you wish feel free to contact me!
    10/9/2013 10:0762.209.223.226peter.krutyEnjoy coming sessions and have a great day
    10/9/2013 10:0867.79.13.41danielle.higgins**You have 2 hours to get your submissions in for Day 1's mission! We'll be drawing for a winner of the Remote Flying Drone w/ HD Camera shortly after 12pm CST!**
    10/9/2013 10:0967.79.13.41danielle.higgins
    10/9/2013 10:20152.130.15.128Kurtdanielle.higginsDanielle, I did the Quiz yesterday and scored 100%. I clicked on your link and it allowed me to take the quiz again, but I missed one even though the answers are the same from yesterday, since I wrote them down.
    10/9/2013 10:3367.79.13.41danielle.higginsas long as you scored 100% on your first attempt you're good to go
    10/9/2013 10:35152.130.15.128Kurtok. Thanks.
    10/9/2013 10:3967.79.13.41CaraHey everyone!! Next session starts in 22 minutes!! GET EXCITED
    10/9/2013 10:4381.179.20.113RhidianS I may get to enjoy this one, hectic day so far!
    10/9/2013 10:45156.98.4.11Jeffdanielle.higginsJust curious - when do the points and Thwack badge get reflected in my profile?
    10/9/2013 10:4567.79.13.41Cara@RhidianS so good to see you again today!!
    10/9/2013 10:4667.79.13.41CaraLawrenceGarvin is our Patch GURU!! let's challenge Lawrence with some questions!!
    10/9/2013 10:4767.79.13.42LawrenceGarvinGreetings everybody! Happy Wednesday!
    10/9/2013 10:4781.179.20.113RhidianSCaraCheers Cara!
    10/9/2013 10:4881.179.20.113RhidianSCaraI like the addition of the "To Who" box next to the Disconnect button to. Makes it easier
    10/9/2013 10:50216.16.135.2jtp74021yeAHHHHH
    10/9/2013 10:5067.79.13.41Carathank you!! I thought it was an excellent addition as well