Version 1
    10/8/2013 16:0067.79.13.15sandiphere we go!  Remember to ask any question in the chat to our Product Experts at any time
    10/8/2013 16:01140.142.107.178RichardLettsHi Rob
    10/8/2013 16:0166.206.217.55rob.hockHi Richard- thanks for joining us!
    10/8/2013 16:0267.79.13.41francoisWho has tried the new reporting system in NPM 10.6?
    10/8/2013 16:0266.129.74.228Mike Sappaudio stuttering for anyone else?
    10/8/2013 16:02140.142.107.178RichardLetts@mike: no, clear here.
    10/8/2013 16: for me
    10/8/2013 16:0267.79.13.15sandipIf you have any audio or video issues please just refresh your page
    10/8/2013 16:0267.79.13.41Renéclear here.  Are you on wireless?
    10/8/2013 16:0366.129.74.228Mike Sappwired and refreshed. it is not too bad though
    10/8/2013 16:0567.79.13.41RenéMike -- A recording of the presentation will be available in the playlist video player below right after the session ends.
    10/8/2013 16: you update from NPM 10.4 to 10.6, will there be options to import the legacy reports into the new web-based reports?
    10/8/2013 16:07174.101.196.117RyanCMike, trying closing other tabs in your browser you are runnin the presentation through. Sounds crazy but cleared mine up.
    10/8/2013 16:0863.226.32.16ecklerwr1It's the delegate report work to application owners without having them rdp to the server that I'm liking :^}
    10/8/2013 16:0866.206.217.55rob.hockSteven- legacy reports will appear in the web as they always have, however they are ReadOnly- they are not converted into the new web-based format
    10/8/2013 16:0863.226.32.16ecklerwr1a few similar ones have been created though in new format
    10/8/2013 16: for the information, Rob.
    10/8/2013 16:0966.206.217.55rob.hockThat is correct- the old canned reports have been duplicated and improved for the most part
    10/8/2013 16:09192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaI agree ecklerwr1
    10/8/2013 16: have several custom reports set up to e-mail out to certain groups.  Having the ability to make those look better will be nice.
    10/8/2013 16:1066.206.217.55rob.hockThey go out to the management-types in your organization?
    10/8/2013 16: the updated reporting in 10.6, is there a way to e-mail a report as an attachment in a CSV/XLS format?
    10/8/2013 16:10118.209.52.240ShuthI'm probably skipping ahead but is it possible to generate a graph based on the results of the dynamic query. eg. availability of all cisco nodes - last 12 months
    10/8/2013 16:11118.209.52.240Shuthor this slide...
    10/8/2013 16:, my manager is CC'd on them, but currently they go to folks who have to make the reports more readable and better for management to view.
    10/8/2013 16:12208.29.250.2AprilRIf you are running a report from the web and you get disconnected.  Does the session get disconnected at the server?  Wondering on run away queries.
    10/8/2013 16:12208.29.250.2AprilRissues
    10/8/2013 16:1366.206.217.55rob.hockShuth- Availability of an already defined dynamic group? Sure. Availability of a dynamic query defined in reports, I'd have to play with it. Pretty sure we could fulfill that.
    10/8/2013 16:1466.206.217.55rob.hockApril- The query will time-out eventually(~2 minutes) to help mitigate that risk.
    10/8/2013 16:1567.79.13.41francoisStevenMyour email abotu "a way to e-mail a report as an attachment in a CSV/XLS format?". will check and come back.
    10/8/2013 16:15208.29.250.2AprilRis there a place to adjust that time-out parameter?
    10/8/2013 16:15118.209.52.240Shuthrob.hockHmm ok - I'm set to take a look at some reports on Thurs so I'll have more info then to play around with
    10/8/2013 16: Francois.
    10/8/2013 16:1767.79.13.41francoisStevenMsend me an email at, because we can't get to you from your chat alias
    10/8/2013 16:1767.79.13.15CaraErikDHey ErikD, would you email me so we can contact you after the event?
    10/8/2013 16:1766.206.217.55rob.hockApril- I believe we have a config file setting for SWIS query timeout- however it will impact SWIS queries everywhere
    10/8/2013 16:1867.79.13.41francoisShuthabotu your question "is it possible to generate a graph based on the results of the dynamic query", we'll investigate for you. Send me an email at
    10/8/2013 16:, I just sent you an e-mail.
    10/8/2013 16:19118.209.52.240ShuthfrancoisThanks francois - I'll know more about the requirements later this week
    10/8/2013 16:2267.79.13.41francoisShuthShuth, send mne an email at, so I can reply to you
    10/8/2013 16:23107.1.230.102familyofcrowesthis has been long awaited by us... excited about it
    10/8/2013 16:2367.79.13.41francoisfamilyofcrowesthanks.
    10/8/2013 16:23118.209.52.240ShuthfrancoisLooks like it has great potential - now to play around with it!
    10/8/2013 16:23107.1.230.102familyofcroweswe are upgrading now to all the new versions
    10/8/2013 16:23208.29.250.2AprilRThank you
    10/8/2013 16:24192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaThis sounds very exciting
    10/8/2013 16:2467.79.13.41francoisYou can still fireaway questions, we are still here.
    10/8/2013 16:24146.23.65.195andreyIs it avaiable in wich versionof SAM and NMP ?
    10/8/2013 16:24146.23.65.195andrey10.6 and 6.0 ?
    10/8/2013 16:2467.79.13.41francoisandreyNPM 10.6 and SAM 6.0 (pretty sure abotu SAM)
    10/8/2013 16:24205.255.224.10AdamBoydYou guys ROCK! Great outlook! Look forward to more vids this week.
    10/8/2013 16:2466.206.217.55rob.hockFamily of Crowes- Thank you sir- we're looking forward to being able to move away from the Win32 applications.
    10/8/2013 16:2466.206.217.55rob.hockCorrect - SAM 6.0
    10/8/2013 16:24146.23.65.195andreyThanks !
    10/8/2013 16:2599.116.243.6frankmaybe out of the arena, but how tightly integrated is VMM 6.0 and Sam 6, can I cross generate reports / alerts?
    10/8/2013 16:25173.249.140.15Marlenerob.hockGood stuff Rob!!
    10/8/2013 16:25205.225.241.126ErikDdynamic queries in canned reports wuld be cool, the inventory asset stuff is kludgy. BU great progress
    10/8/2013 16:2566.206.217.55rob.hockThanks Marlene!
    10/8/2013 16:2565.192.236.140JFrazierecklerwr1Thanks Rob
    10/8/2013 16:25208.125.147.85kbottthank you,great presentation, sparked some ideas to try in the report writer
    10/8/2013 16:26156.98.4.11JeffDid I see there is option to export to Excel now, too?
    10/8/2013 16:2767.79.13.41francoisfrankdon't know. Send me an email @, we'll respoond
    10/8/2013 16:2766.206.217.55rob.hockFrank- you can report on VMM data, but as they are considered different objects, it's tough to join on SAM objects across the board. As you go through the field picker, you can see what data relationships we have built
    10/8/2013 16: presentations today guys. I hope to be able to attend the remainder of the week as well!
    10/8/2013 16:2767.79.13.41francoisStevenMthank you!
    10/8/2013 16:2867.79.13.41francoisJeffyes excel and pdf
    10/8/2013 16:28118.209.52.240ShuthfrancoisI didn't see but may have missed it - what filtering options were available? E.g. filter business hours or days of week, etc.  Would that be part of the dynamic query selection?
    10/8/2013 16:28118.209.52.240ShuthfrancoisOoops - meant that to all, sorry
    10/8/2013 16:2866.206.217.55rob.hockShuth- Business hours reporting isn't built in yet. It's on the list though.
    10/8/2013 16:29118.209.52.240Shuthrob.hockSo that would be handled via the old report writer with Advanced SQL report?
    10/8/2013 16:304.21.41.160StevenMRob, Shuth, that is a feature that will help our Ops team greatly.  Some of the custom reports we have are run off of advanced SQL to get only business hours.
    10/8/2013 16:3066.206.217.55rob.hockCorrect- you can still use custom SQL (or SWQL) with the web-based report writer
    10/8/2013 16:30118.209.52.240Shuthrob.hockHmm ok - I'll copy some of them over and play around
    10/8/2013 16:3166.206.217.55rob.hockSteven- Noted sir. Oddly, it's actually a bigger issue to solve from a dev perspective than you might think- but is something we are looking at
    10/8/2013 16:31118.209.52.240Shuthrob.hockdepends on your server/sql timezone as well
    10/8/2013 16:312.27.145.98RhidianSWith NPM 10.6 and Sam 6.0 OMG I can use the real time monitor processes and generate alerts for spooler.exe and use advanced alerts to create an alert if the spooler goes over 50mb memory on several devices. Can I then use the web reporting to generate a dailt report from that?
    10/8/2013 16:3466.206.217.55rob.hockYou could report on the "availability" of the component monitor to see how often / long it was in that critical state- sure
    10/8/2013 16:35118.209.52.240Shuthrob.hockJust thinking about timezones. One client was running all the servers/network devices in UTC. One particular group wanted reports in AEST - this wasn't possible without some funky SQL queries.  Throw in the 10/11 hr difference for when the data is rolled up into daily numbers
    10/8/2013 16:352.27.145.98RhidianSSorry for badly formed question, bit tired :)\nBut I shall certainly be trying that tomorrow, Thanks
    10/8/2013 16:35118.209.52.240Shuthrob.hock(not really asking for anything per se there, just something that popped into my mind then )
    10/8/2013 16:35205.225.241.126ErikDQ? when are NPM and NCM reports going to converge into one place? Asset stuff is making me crazy...
    10/8/2013 16:3666.206.217.55rob.hockRhidian. Not at all- send me an email if you think of anything
    10/8/2013 16:362.27.145.98RhidianSOK - Thanks Rob, will do.
    10/8/2013 16:3667.79.13.41francoisErikDWe are working on NCM reports to adopt this. Agreed NCM invcentory reports need work.
    10/8/2013 16:3867.79.13.41francoisErikDcan you email me at, so we can reply to you on some of the questions you asked us today, ErikD
    10/8/2013 16:4067.79.13.41francoisErikDthanks
    10/8/2013 16:4399.116.243.6frankthank you for the demo, will give it a shot.
    10/8/2013 16:4466.206.217.55rob.hockShuthI'm going to depart, leaving you in the capable hands of of the rest of the team. Thanks everyone for attending!
    10/8/2013 16:4467.79.13.15CaraErikDthanks Rob!!
    10/8/2013 16:44118.209.52.240ShuthThanks for the presentation Rob!
    10/8/2013 16:4462.105.164.174AshleyCThanks Rob
    10/8/2013 16:4462.105.164.174AshleyChave a good one
    10/8/2013 16:4466.206.217.55rob.hockShuthMy pleasure- have a great evening
    10/8/2013 16:4562.105.164.174AshleyC
    10/8/2013 16:4667.79.13.15Carathank you everyone for a great first day of thwackCamp 2013!!!!
    10/8/2013 16:46118.209.52.240ShuthThanks SW for the presentations and thanks all for the discussions
    10/8/2013 16:4667.79.13.15CaraWe look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!!
    10/8/2013 16:46118.209.52.240ShuthThis tired Aussie is going to grab some sleep
    10/8/2013 16:4767.79.13.15CaraAll of the recorded session are available below the day 1 schedule and on the SolarWinds youtube page
    10/8/2013 16:482.27.145.98RhidianSThank you all, looking forward to the next 3 days!
    10/8/2013 16:4967.79.13.15sandipThanks everyone, see you all tomorrow I hope!!