Version 1
    10/8/2013 14:3067.79.13.15sandipWooHoo! Let's do this!
    10/8/2013 14:3267.79.13.15sandipwho out there is currently using Plexxi?
    10/8/2013 14:3266.68.96.99danielle.higginsdon't forget to take today's mission quiz when you have free time!
    10/8/2013 14:32107.1.230.102familyofcrowesgood quiz....  straight forward  (easy)
    10/8/2013 14:3298.101.177.116jpikeI liked all the videos in today's quiz!
    10/8/2013 14:32204.115.222.1MattMatheusThe videos were entertaining
    10/8/2013 14:3267.79.13.15Carathanks Napoleon [Emotion=emwink.gif]
    10/8/2013 14:3371.64.110.224LeonAdatodanielle.higginsYeah, that had a couple of my fav's.
    10/8/2013 14:3367.79.13.41francoisWho is using the Orion SDK / API and for what?
    10/8/2013 14:3379.180.223.249LilyWill the recordings of the previous sessions be uploaded?
    10/8/2013 14:3467.79.13.41francoisALso, don;t hesitate to let us know how important it is for you to improve it
    10/8/2013 14:3466.68.96.99danielle.higginsyes, the will be uploaded shortly.
    10/8/2013 14:3466.68.96.99danielle.higginsthey*
    10/8/2013 14:3467.79.13.15sandipThey are already uploaded
    10/8/2013 14:3479.180.223.249Lilyawesome thanks
    10/8/2013 14:3467.79.13.15sandipscroll down ;-)
    10/8/2013 14:3467.79.13.41RenéWe like making the videos!
    10/8/2013 14:3466.68.96.99danielle.higginsnever mind, listen to Sandip!
    10/8/2013 14:35107.1.230.102familyofcrowesI was just watching the 1pm recording... they are just below this
    10/8/2013 14:3567.79.13.41francoisAnybody running some form of SDN networking out there?
    10/8/2013 14:36107.1.230.102familyofcrowesMy CTO calls Solarwinds "crazy geek company" due to the videos I've shown him
    10/8/2013 14:3663.226.32.16ecklerwr1will use the new VMWare NSX when it's released shortly.
    10/8/2013 14:3667.79.13.41francoisecklerwr1ok, anybody else on the NSX?
    10/8/2013 14:3767.79.13.41RenéfamilyofcrowesNapoleon - Be sure to watch the Noob's cube videos
    10/8/2013 14:3763.226.32.16ecklerwr1it's going to be really cool
    10/8/2013 14:37140.142.107.178RichardLettsyes; have some openflow projects planned for the 10/100Gbps Science DMZ
    10/8/2013 14:3766.68.96.99danielle.higginsthe Noob's Cube series is coming tomorrow!
    10/8/2013 14:3767.79.13.41francoisRichardLettswhat vendor?
    10/8/2013 14:3971.161.104.214SimonPlexxi
    10/8/2013 14:3963.226.32.16ecklerwr1greatly expanded use of vSwitch with routing/load balancing/HA all within virtualized environment.  Also will finally separate the server stuff ESX from the network stuff NSX.  Better separation of duties.  No longer will server guys be trying to do networking they don't understand with vSwitches.
    10/8/2013 14:40140.142.107.178RichardLettsfrancoisdon't know if that's been fully decided. Probably juniper on campus
    10/8/2013 14:4067.79.13.41francoisSimonPlexxiwas gonnask. Thanks Simon, was gonna ask
    10/8/2013 14:40140.142.107.178RichardLettsfrancoisbecause we already have them :-)
    10/8/2013 14:4267.79.13.41francoisRichardLettsok
    10/8/2013 14:4367.79.13.41francoisecklerwr1is there also a cost component to your choice?
    10/8/2013 14:4467.79.13.41francoisasking again, in case you missed it: nobody using the API for integration of Orion with external products: provisioning/config tools, e.g.?
    10/8/2013 14:4562.105.164.174AshleyCfrancoisYeah, currently using it to make a rich alert console
    10/8/2013 14:4563.226.32.16ecklerwr1well since we're already a vSphere 5.1 customer and have used Cisco 1000v and current vSwitches it makes sense to move with VMWare to the next level.
    10/8/2013 14:4663.226.32.16ecklerwr1The rest of the core is Cisco Nexus.
    10/8/2013 14:4667.79.13.41francoisAshleyCwhat do you do: extracting listening to events and presenting them in your own alert console? Do you do that because our alert console is insufficient?
    10/8/2013 14:4667.79.13.41francoisecklerwr1makes sense
    10/8/2013 14:4762.105.164.174AshleyCfrancoisI will DM you
    10/8/2013 14:4762.105.164.174AshleyCfrancoiswhats your user on Thwack?
    10/8/2013 14:4765.192.236.140JFrazierI believe RightTnow uses the API for it's event console/event correlation
    10/8/2013 14:4767.79.13.41francoisAshleyCbest is email
    10/8/2013 14:4862.105.164.174AshleyCfrancoisroger.
    10/8/2013 14:4863.226.32.16ecklerwr1We did a trade study on the hardware for VMWare between Cisco UCS, Dell, HP, and IBM.  HP (with it's latest release of software) looks like it won. Cisco put up a good fight but the new software from HP made management of the blades SO much better and the HP h/w actually has more bandwidth ability on the fabric underneath.
    10/8/2013 14:4962.105.164.174AshleyCfrancoisand it is because I was unable to find anything out of the box to provide a decent alert console
    10/8/2013 14:4962.105.164.174AshleyCfrancoisI will email you a full explaination
    10/8/2013 14:4967.79.13.41francoisAshleyCFYI Day 3 at 2:30 CST is the thwackcamp Virtualization Session.
    10/8/2013 14:5067.79.13.41francoisAshleyCwould love that, I'll loop in our VMWare experts
    10/8/2013 14:5063.226.32.16ecklerwr1nicer :^} we like virtualization manager and it's new Orion integration ;^}
    10/8/2013 14:5067.79.13.41francoisecklerwr1glad that you like it. Do you own VMAN?
    10/8/2013 14:5163.226.32.16ecklerwr1yes
    10/8/2013 14:5162.105.164.174AshleyCThe VM integration is really nice imo
    10/8/2013 14:5163.226.32.16ecklerwr1finally really tying into NPM
    10/8/2013 14:5167.79.13.41francoisecklerwr1yep
    10/8/2013 14:5163.226.32.16ecklerwr1it was good before but now it's a whole new level.
    10/8/2013 14:5267.79.13.41francoiswho has created custom subviews?
    10/8/2013 14:5263.226.32.16ecklerwr1I do
    10/8/2013 14:5262.105.164.174AshleyCI created one for Raritan power info using UNDP's
    10/8/2013 14:52118.209.52.240StevenI typically create some based on the modules - eg a Configs subview for all the NCM related resources
    10/8/2013 14:5367.79.13.41francoisStevensounds great.
    10/8/2013 14:5367.79.13.41francoisAny improvement we could do on subviews and their customization?
    10/8/2013 14:53173.249.140.15MarlenefrancoisI have.
    10/8/2013 14:53118.209.52.240Stevenfrancoisthe capability of having view limitations per sub-view would be great
    10/8/2013 14:5462.105.164.174AshleyCfrancoisWOuld be good if you could provide a limitations
    10/8/2013 14:54118.209.52.240Stevenfrancoiscurrently the same limitation applies to all of the sub-views
    10/8/2013 14:5467.79.13.41francoisSteventhat's agood one, will make sure we have a req opened for that
    10/8/2013 14:5462.105.164.174AshleyCfrancoisyeah what Shuth said
    10/8/2013 14:54173.249.140.15MarlenefrancoisA 'pause' button, so it doesn't always auto-refresh.  Already put in an idea.
    10/8/2013 14:55118.209.52.240Stevenfrancoisthe main reasoning is you could create a subview with a set of resources and copy that over and over for multiple sub-views (e.g. different sites/states/whatever. A view limitation can be applied per subview to only show the relevant information
    10/8/2013 14:55118.209.52.240Stevenfrancoiscurrently, you'd have to make multiple views for a long menu bar, or separate views and put a list of them in a custom html/url resource
    10/8/2013 14:5667.79.13.41francoisStevenlimitation would be based on user login, right?
    10/8/2013 14:56209.22.221.73RobertAre you going to be integrating Orion Network Atlas to the web and giving us (admins) the ability to limit access?
    10/8/2013 14:5763.226.32.16ecklerwr1I need to be able to display some select nodes as up and green without icmp and snmp only.  Within some isolated and restricted enclaves we'll never allow icmp to traverse the f/w.  This means I have some nodes that are always red and 100% down even though they're not.  I'm not going to put a poller in an enclave with 4 or 5 devices.
    10/8/2013 14:57118.209.52.240StevenfrancoisNo, same as the existing view limitations - limit the information displayed for that sub-view only (e.g. Site = HQ, or State = VIC)
    10/8/2013 14:5767.79.13.41francoisRobertThe moving to teh web, we are thinking of it, but not sure we had the access limitation one recorde, wil check
    10/8/2013 14:57118.209.52.240Stevenfrancoisthen the next subview is limited to Site = Branch1 or a diff state
    10/8/2013 14:5767.79.13.41francoisStevenok, go tit
    10/8/2013 14:5863.226.32.16ecklerwr1in these high security situations icmp can be used as a covert channel too easily.
    10/8/2013 14:58118.209.52.240Stevenfrancoisthe other thing that would be a "nice to have" - the capability to copy a view with its sub-views. e.g copying "node details" would copy the summary, vital, network, etc subviews
    10/8/2013 14:5967.79.13.41francoisStevengood one too
    10/8/2013 15:00118.209.52.240Stevenfrancoisthat would also help to implement what I think you may have been alluding to earlier re: limiting based on user login. you could then copy the view (+sub views) then delete the subview you dont want them to access. assign that view to that user.  could get very messy though so not sure how to handle that
    10/8/2013 15:0265.192.236.140JFrazierwhat would be nice is a comparable dashboard for F5 load balancers.
    10/8/2013 15:0263.226.32.16ecklerwr1I thought you could make a copy of a view then make changes... at least that's what I do when I have to duplicate it over and over.
    10/8/2013 15:0267.79.13.41francoisJFrazierCan you elaborate
    10/8/2013 15:03118.209.52.240Stevenfrancoisactually another thing that came up yesterday: custom properties are now managed via the website but the Account Limitation Builder is still server-based. Are there plans to move this to the website?
    10/8/2013 15:0367.79.13.41francoisStevenyes, we tried to do it in teh previous version, but we could not contain it, it's in teh list
    10/8/2013 15:0462.105.164.174AshleyCfrancoisActually I am interested about the Custom property builder as I keen to create Threshold lines on some charts but I am unable to to with the Property builder through the UI.
    10/8/2013 15:0462.105.164.174AshleyCfrancoisI read a post that said with the old property builder you could achieve this..
    10/8/2013 15:0562.105.164.174AshleyCfrancoisI commented on the post but I dont think I have had a response.
    10/8/2013 15:05118.209.52.240Stevenecklerwr1if you copy a view with sub-views - it only copies the select view (it doesn't copy all of the sub-views and you have to recreate them if you want them)
    10/8/2013 15:0563.226.32.16ecklerwr1shuth that could be a problem...
    10/8/2013 15:0567.79.13.41francoisAshleyCI'll check and have someone respond
    10/8/2013 15:0562.105.164.174AshleyCfrancoisThanks buddy
    10/8/2013 15:0667.79.13.41francoisHas anyone looked at these intregration documents (start in Settings). Any feedback?
    10/8/2013 15:0665.192.236.140JFraziera way to see how the F5 is performing and show in near time what services are being load balanced and how. metrics between target services.  would allow you to see issues and potential service impact.
    10/8/2013 15:07209.22.221.73RobertWhy did you choose to integrate this into the product rather than put it on the website?  Especially if you are sending us to the web anyway for the documents?
    10/8/2013 15:0767.79.13.41francoisJFraziergot it
    10/8/2013 15:07118.209.52.240Stevenfrancoishonestly - haven't gotten around to them (yet!)
    10/8/2013 15:0863.226.32.16ecklerwr1I  just recently went up to 10.6 NPM and SAM 6.0 so that integration stuff on admin page is still kinda new to me.
    10/8/2013 15:0867.79.13.15sandipAlright guys, we only have Francois for 30 more mins
    10/8/2013 15:0967.79.13.15sandipthrow him your hardest questions :-)
    10/8/2013 15:0967.79.13.41francoisRobertbecause when we talked to customers, they told us they like the idea of havuing this info self contained into Orion (and it looks like it is with iframes, even though it;s online) and they also liked the idea of presenting primarily integrations in teh context of what products you are running. This is not meant to be marketing, but more helpful info related to your context / products that you run
    10/8/2013 15:0962.105.164.174AshleyCfrancoisThanks for the presentation.
    10/8/2013 15:0962.105.164.174AshleyCThanks ^^
    10/8/2013 15:1065.192.236.140JFrazierYes Thanks
    10/8/2013 15:10118.209.52.240StevenfrancoisThanks!
    10/8/2013 15:1067.79.13.41francoisecklerwr1ok, shoot us a thwack comment when you have taken a look.
    10/8/2013 15:1063.226.32.16ecklerwr1This is an improvement for sure when you're trying to find more info on something without having to pull the manuals out of search through thwack!
    10/8/2013 15:10208.125.147.85kbottgreat presentation
    10/8/2013 15:1067.79.13.41francoiskbottthanks
    10/8/2013 15:1063.226.32.16ecklerwr1or search through rather
    10/8/2013 15:1167.79.13.41francoisecklerwr1yep, that was the point
    10/8/2013 15:1163.226.32.16ecklerwr1I like it.
    10/8/2013 15:1263.226.32.16ecklerwr1Especially that it's aware of all the products I have it sounds like.
    10/8/2013 15:1265.192.236.140JFrazierlooks like I need to learn python or see if I can use a module in perl to integrate python extentions.
    10/8/2013 15:1267.79.13.41francoisecklerwr1yep, it is. When you go to Settings / lower / riught corner, the list of products that you can navigate to is what you have
    10/8/2013 15:1367.79.13.41francoisJFrazierfor what?
    10/8/2013 15:13173.249.140.15MarlenefrancoisJust a learning to share:  We added custom fields in IPAM, but then needed them to show up in Node alerts.  So, I added the same fields in NPM and wrote a nightly SQL to copy the data over so it would be easily available in an alert.
    10/8/2013 15:1465.192.236.140JFrazierto utilize the api for building integration pieces.
    10/8/2013 15:1467.79.13.41francoisJFrazierpowershell possible too. There are example on thwack of PS scripts
    10/8/2013 15:1471.161.104.214SimonPlexxiJFrazierFor me using Python was much easier to use, compared with Perl
    10/8/2013 15:1567.79.13.41francoisMarlenelike it. Well, could be a native feature, but nice to have a workaround. Thanks for sharing
    10/8/2013 15:1665.192.236.140JFrazierI've used perl with openview for quite a while now...
    10/8/2013 15:1763.226.32.16ecklerwr1@JFrazier:  For me personally... I sure don't miss HPOV nnm.
    10/8/2013 15:1867.79.13.41francoisecklerwr1what didn't you like abotu it?
    10/8/2013 15:18156.98.4.11Moefrancois@can the system be driven via scripts rather than using the GUI?
    10/8/2013 15:20140.142.107.178RichardLettsfrancoisI feel that the API needs to expose everything that can be done through the web interface.
    10/8/2013 15:20118.209.52.240StevenfrancoisHow will the FOE work for the new NTA 4.0? If you're running NTA database on same server, it will replicate across to the secondary? If running DB on a second server it wouldn't really matter if it's the same hostname... although separate geolocation could be an issue
    10/8/2013 15:20140.142.107.178RichardLettsfor example I would really like to enrich the IPAM data through an API feeding it data from sources such as our SSO solution
    10/8/2013 15:21140.142.107.178RichardLettsI would like to be able to add custom pollers through the API
    10/8/2013 15:22140.142.107.178RichardLettsor UDT nodes, or UDT ports
    10/8/2013 15:22173.251.53.34AnneAre there any perl API's i can use from a remote machine to access a solarwinds db
    10/8/2013 15:22140.142.107.178RichardLettsyes
    10/8/2013 15:22173.251.53.34Anneusually i just do direct DB calls
    10/8/2013 15:22173.251.53.34Anneand inserts to mssql
    10/8/2013 15:22140.142.107.178RichardLettsAnneYes, the SW api includes perl bindings, I use them all the time.
    10/8/2013 15:2267.79.13.41francoisecklerwr1some features can and some don't. There is not general rule, we woudl need concrete example to answer. We can take oiff line. The user doc for the API has some of this info. Have you ever seen it?
    10/8/2013 15:23173.251.53.34Annei have not seen the user doc for it
    10/8/2013 15:23173.251.53.34Annei was getting so comfortable just writing to the DB that I discounted any api
    10/8/2013 15:23173.251.53.34Annebut I have a renewed intrest to learn the API
    10/8/2013 15:24173.251.53.34Annei am hoping fridays session will cover it
    10/8/2013 15:24173.249.140.15MarlenefrancoisWe'd like to eventually integrate IPAM with our inventory system too.
    10/8/2013 15:24131.215.240.211Angel13yep hopefully
    10/8/2013 15:2467.79.13.41francoisRichardLettsthe SDk main post on thwack is this:
    10/8/2013 15:24173.251.53.34Anneok
    10/8/2013 15:2467.79.13.41francoisthe SDk main post on thwack is this:
    10/8/2013 15:24140.142.107.178RichardLettsthe problem with writing to the DB directly is sometimes SW removes things from the database and it breaks (e.g. 10.5 removed the unmanaged column for thin APs)
    10/8/2013 15:25173.251.53.34Annea good concrete example is how to update link speed as in a lot of cases the physical speeed is not the correct bandwidth
    10/8/2013 15:2567.79.13.41francoisfrom there you can download teh SDK abnd get te users manual. Also, if you post questions on that page, dev guys are pretty good abotu responding
    10/8/2013 15:2567.79.13.41francoisRichardLettsyes, that;s why we have the API, to isloate you from teh DB schema
    10/8/2013 15:25173.251.53.34Annei have a billing database with purchased bandwidth and we use QOS to regulate the bandwidth.  so even though a customer connects at 100mb they only pay for 2mb
    10/8/2013 15:2567.79.13.41francoisAnnethat one shoudl be possible
    10/8/2013 15:26173.251.53.34Annegrat thanks
    10/8/2013 15:2667.79.13.41francoisAnnegot you, typical SP use case
    10/8/2013 15:26140.142.107.178RichardLettsAnneyes, but like I said, the API doesn't expose everything, e.g. Thin APs are not referencable entities with properties you can set, or unmanage for alerting purposes
    10/8/2013 15:26173.251.53.34Anneyep exactly francois
    10/8/2013 15:26140.142.107.178RichardLettsAnne(that last comment directed at Francois)
    10/8/2013 15:2867.79.13.41francoisRichardLettscorrect, we try to improve it periodically. Seems like there is some interest. Again, post your requests on the page I put above. You can also use Ideas / Features Requests for API/SDK stuff, but the post above is actually more efficient
    10/8/2013 15:28173.251.53.34Annefrancoisone question
    10/8/2013 15:28140.142.107.178RichardLettsfrancoisI've put ideas up on thwack under the products -- ideas are not enabled on thwack for the SDK
    10/8/2013 15:29173.251.53.34Annefrancoiscan i run the SDK on a linux server
    10/8/2013 15:29140.142.107.178RichardLettsAnneyes -- I do.
    10/8/2013 15:2967.79.13.41francoisAnnenot that I know of, it;s Windows only
    10/8/2013 15:29173.251.53.34Annefrancoisok
    10/8/2013 15:29140.142.107.178RichardLettsAnneThe perl bindings from the SDK work fine on a linux server.
    10/8/2013 15:3067.79.13.41francoisAnnedev confirmed that you can set custom interface bandwidth via API
    10/8/2013 15:30173.251.53.34AnneRichardLettsthat is awesome to hear
    10/8/2013 15:30173.251.53.34Annefrancoisnice
    10/8/2013 15:3067.79.13.41francoisAnnepost on teh thread abovce if you experience issues, dev wil try to help
    10/8/2013 15:30173.251.53.34Annefrancoisi also want to set a lot of custom fields with our billing database
    10/8/2013 15:30173.251.53.34Annefrancoiswill do
    10/8/2013 15:3071.161.104.214SimonPlexxiJFrazierThe Python bindings I created. I've run them on Fedora, Centos, Windows, and MAC. Python 2.7.x
    10/8/2013 15:3171.161.104.214SimonPlexxiJFraziernot meant to be to JFrazier
    10/8/2013 15:31140.142.107.178RichardLettsAnne: if you need help with the perl/SDK post on thwack, and I can share snippets from my scripts. I set many custom-properties using the SDK
    10/8/2013 15:3265.192.236.140JFrazierecklerwr1the new NNM is better.  I miss the data warehouse though
    10/8/2013 15:3767.79.13.41francoisJFrazierok. Have you heard of HP IMC?
    10/8/2013 15:3867.79.13.41francoisrob.hockhi
    10/8/2013 15:3967.79.13.15sandipI'd like to welcome our Senior Product Manager, Rob Hock to the chat
    10/8/2013 15:3966.206.217.55rob.hockHi Sandi- good afternoon everyone.
    10/8/2013 15:4267.79.13.15sandip20mins till our next session, plenty of time to take today's Quiz for a chance to win a Remote Flying Drone!
    10/8/2013 15:4366.68.96.99danielle.higginsalso, if you score 100% on today's quiz and the next 3 days of quizzes, you'll have a chance to win an Xbox One!
    10/8/2013 15:4767.79.13.15sandipWho loves reporting?!?!?!  Let me hear ya!!!!
    10/8/2013 15:4812.163.55.44ThomasIannelliYA?
    10/8/2013 15:4967.79.13.15CaraYAA!!!
    10/8/2013 15:502.27.145.98RhidianSWho loves reporting...? Management?\nJoke!!
    10/8/2013 15:50192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaI do!!!
    10/8/2013 15:51192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaLol, after reading that YAA!! all I could think about was Howard Dean
    10/8/2013 15:5266.68.96.99danielle.higginsis everyone enjoying day 1 of thwackCamp?
    10/8/2013 15:5363.226.32.16ecklerwr1Yes.
    10/8/2013 15:53140.142.107.178RichardLettsif I win the flying drone I'll be able to see what my staff are doing in the NOC without getting up from my desk.. Bwah-ha-ha..
    10/8/2013 15:5367.79.13.41francoisRichardLettshaha!
    10/8/2013 15:53192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaYes, enjoying it a lot
    10/8/2013 15:542.27.145.98RhidianSdanielle.higginsDefinitely!
    10/8/2013 15:55118.209.52.240Shuthdanielle.higginsYes! Great presentations and it's been good to be able to talk directly with the presenters and others
    10/8/2013 15:5667.79.13.15Caradon't forget to turn up the volume on your computer!! thwackCamp session is about to commence!!
    10/8/2013 15:56118.209.52.240Shuthdanielle.higginsAlthough I am sleepy - not SW fault! (it's now 8am here)
    10/8/2013 15:5667.79.13.41francoisShuththanks Shuth, I have to say that you guys are really a great audience. Knowledgeable, engaged... It's a pleasure to interact with you guys.
    10/8/2013 15:5766.68.96.99danielle.higginsShuth@shuth I was about to say... really glad you're joining us all the way from Australia.
    10/8/2013 15:58118.209.52.240Shuthdanielle.higginsI have the week relatively quiet so managed to convince my boss to let me "work" these hours for the week
    10/8/2013 15:5866.68.96.99danielle.higginsShuthnice!
    10/8/2013 15:5867.79.13.41francoisShuth:-)